Nimiq and Unstoppable Domains

Nimiq is one of the founding members of The .Wallet Alliance - a group of leading wallets who are setting a new standard username for peer-to-peer crypto transfers using Unstoppable Domains’s .wallet NFT Domains

Nimiq is happy to announce support for blockchain domain names powered by Unstoppable Domains. With this new partnership, Nimiq wallet users can send and receive crypto to user-friendly domain names such as ‘yourname.wallet’. Our goal with this step is bringing us closer to widespread adoption by lowering entry barriers to the crypto space and making it more accessible for all humans alike.

Watch how easy sending and receiving digital currencies is with a .wallet domain.

Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains focuses on building NFT Domains. NFT Domains are web extensions (just like ‘.com’) launched as smart contracts on public blockchains. They are built on the idea of a decentralized internet, allowing users to be the sole owner of their domain with tags like .crypto, .wallet, and .nft.

Because your NFT Domain is an asset in the blockchain, it can be stored in your crypto wallet. This self-custodial aspect of NFT Domains gives them advantages over your common .com domains, for example:

  • They work as usernames to replace all your wallets addresses for sending and receiving crypto
  • They can host Decentralized Websites
  • They can be used as a login for Dapps
  • They can not be seized by third parties
  • There are no renewal fees, ever.

What does it mean for Nimiq users?

At Nimiq we believe in making instant digital payments simple and accessible for users of all levels. It is for this reason that we are proud to be collaborating with Unstoppable Domains as a founding member of The .Wallet Alliance - an alliance of 24+ wallets - to standardize wallet usernames starting with Unstoppable Domain’s .wallet nft domains. 

Today, we are excited to launch a giveaway to boost the adoption of Unstoppable Domains in our community. The Nimiq wallet offers support for native resolution of Unstoppable Domains as part of our commitment to making crypto transactions easier for everyone. 


  • First round of winners: 24 coupons of $40 credit in unstoppable domains.
  • Like and ReTweet the Giveaway announcement.
  • Tweet an image of your Nimiq Avatar adding the text “Join @unstoppableweb and @Nimiq #giveaway” and invite 3 friends.
  • The Giveaway will run from Dec 28nd to Jan 8th.
  • Only real accounts will be considered.
  • All winners who activate their domain credit will have the chance to participate to win prizes of $500 in NIM.

How do you use Unstoppable Domains and Nimiq?

To get started you need to first secure your unstoppable domain here!

Once you have your favorite domain secured, you can configure your address in the Unstoppable Domains Dashboard. Over 275 cryptocurrencies are supported, including Nimiq.

Once you have your address configured in your domain, you can use it directly in the Nimiq Wallet where you would use your Nimiq Address.

You can see it working in this video

A Step Forward in Crypto Mass Adoption

By creating a new standard for simple usernames that works across all wallets globally we’re taking one step further to making peer-to-peer wallet transactions simpler, safer and a new global standard. We’re excited to work with this alliance to make crypto transactions an everyday reality for millions, then billions of people.

If you’re interested in reserving your own NFT domain domain today, secure yours here!  

Pura Vida, and happy holiday to everyone! 

Team Nimiq

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