What do I have to keep in mind to use the Ecosystem Apps in a safe way?

  • The most secure way to access your funds is via the official Nimiq app for the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet. Although the use of a hardware wallet is not a necessity, it is highly recommended as it helps prevent typical phishing attacks and theft by infected computers.
  • Phishers might send you a message with a link to a website that looks just like the Nimiq Safe, PayPal, or your online banking, but it is not the real website. They steal your information and then steal your money.
  • We cannot recover your funds or freeze your account if you visit a phishing site or lose your private key.
  • Always validate the URL: https://safe.nimiq.com
  • Manually type this in the URL address bar of your browser, check spelling and bookmark the URL. Do not trust links sent to you via email, Slack, Reddit, Twitter, etc. Always navigate directly to https://nimiq.com before you enter any security relevant information.
  • The only authorized view that will ever ask you for your Pass Phrase, PIN or 24 Recovery Words is triggered by your security relevant account actions in the Nimiq Safe that prompt the: "Nimiq Keyguard" at https://keyguard.nimiq.com/...
  • Install an ad blocker and do not click on ads in your search engine (e.g. Google).