What is the terminology used by the Ecosystem Apps?

  • NIM: Abbreviation for Nimiq blockchain token/coin.
  • Nimiq Account Number: IBAN style 36 character Account address/number for one particular Account on the Nimiq blockchain.
  • Nimiq Safe: Digital vault containing one or more Nimiq Accounts for storing larger amounts of NIM, „desktop first“ design with high security features and lower transaction frequency in mind.
  • Nimiq Wallet: Digital wallet containing one or more Nimiq Accounts for day-to-day NIM transactions, „mobile first“ design for ease-of-use and more frequent payment routines.
  • Account Access File: PNG format file that contains the encrypted private key for its corresponding Nimiq Account.
  • Account Recovery Words: 24 word list from which the private key and its corresponding Nimiq Account can be recovered. Not to be confused with the 24 Ledger Nano S Recovery Words.
  • Passphrase: Minimum 10 character user-defined sentence/phrase used to encrypt and decrypt the Account Access File and private key for the corresponding Nimiq Account. This allows Account import/export from its Access File and authorizing/signing transactions involving the corresponding Nimiq Account.
  • Nimiq Identicon: Visual representation of your Nimiq Account number. The Identicon is close to unique for each Account and is meant to help with more easily identifying your own different Accounts as well as destination Accounts relevant to your transactions. For security reasons always reconfirm the actual Account numbers before authorizing a transaction.