Nimiq Collaborates With Trust Wallet

The founder of Binance-owned Trust Wallet eyes up Nimiq OASIS tech.

Is The Crypto Universal Wallet Market About To Be Shaken Up?

Nimiq, a decentralized payment ecosystem designed for simplicity, has made another significant move by announcing a new community-led collaboration with the multi-coin Trust Wallet.

What Is Nimiq Bringing To Trust Wallet?

Trust Wallet founder, Viktor Radchenko, is excited about this new collaboration and recognizes Nimiq’s great potential. Integrating NIM as a supported crypto asset continues Trust Wallet’s trend of only collaborating with high-quality cryptocurrencies and the app is set to benefit from an increase in users from Nimiq’s growing community. The integration of a Nimiq faucet is also set to expand Trust Wallet’s growing range of features.

Mr. Radchenko has also expressed a deep interest in Nimiq’s groundbreaking blueprint for a crypto-to-fiat bridge Nimiq OASIS which is being developed in conjunction with WEG Bank AG and Agora.Trade. This could potentially enable Trust Wallet to accept fiat currency deposits and withdrawals in the future. The disruptive potential of Nimiq OASIS lies in the solution being able to empower users to buy or sell crypto without:

1. A centralized intermediary ever controlling the two assets being swapped. 

2. The private keys of the crypto asset ever leaving the owners possession.

Nimiq OASIS is scheduled to go live in Q4 2019 and could add additional features to Trust Wallet whilst eliminating the need for a payment processor and the fees associated.

NIM token integration into Trust Wallet went live March 27, 2019.

Two Million NIM Giveaway: To celebrate NIM’s integration into Trust Wallet, Nimiq will hold a special giveaway of 1,000 NIM to the first 1,000 new users who download the Trust Wallet app, add NIM support to their wallet and claim them. Thereafter, 100 NIM will be given away to an additional 10,000 new users. The start of the promotion and more details on how to claim will be announced on Nimiq’s Twitter account.

Why Get Into Multi-Crypto Wallets?

Multi-coin wallets are all about making it easier for users to store and track cryptocurrency. Both Nimiq and Trust Wallet share a vision of simplifying cryptocurrency and there are a few reasons behind Nimiq pursuing this mutually beneficial collaboration: 

  • The Nimiq community is empowered by yet another great and convenient alternative to store your NIM tokens. Trust Wallet will also be the first mobile app to support NIM.
  • Nimiq is set to integrate the NIM faucet into the Trust Wallet multi-crypto app so that users can experience the simplicity of NIM for free.
  • Adding NIM to the fastest growing multi-coin wallet increases the visibility and reach of Nimiq in the cryptocurrency community.
  • Opens the door for research collaboration opportunities and a deeper partnership between the two projects.

About Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is one of the most popular multi-crypto wallets for Android and iOS devices. The wallet was acquired by Binance on July 31, 2018 and is now fully integrated into the Binance DEX. Trust Wallet also supports staking, a DApp browser and marketplace, enabling users to buy and sell digital assets like a CryptoKitty.

About Nimiq

Nimiq is a decentralized payment system in which the NIM token is transacted as a store and transfer of value. Thanks to Nimiq’s innovative browser-based blockchain, users are able to connect directly without any installations whatsoever. This installation-free, ‘it just works’ feature characterizes Nimiq, along with the project's emphasis on simplicity and ease of use. The Nimiq ecosystem is also home to a diverse range of apps and NIM integration into Trust Wallet is set to further expand this.

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