Easy Security

Staying safe is easy with Nimiq. Don’t lose your login – that’s all.

Nimiq is a decentralized network with nodes all over the world. To attack it, control of +50% of the network would be necessary – making it substantially more secure than conventional banking software.

On top, no one can access your login, not even the team or any government, rendering misuse of power impossible.

How can I protect my funds?

Your login is the only way to access your funds. As long as your login is safe, your funds are safe too.

Your Login File

Storing your login is easy with the Nimiq Login Files, our ImageWallet implementation.

This file, in combination with your password, grants access to your account.

Your Recovery Words

If you should lose your login, you can regain access with your backup:

A unique list of 24 words designated to your account.

How can I increase my security?

There are many ways to increase your security further. Giving a copy of your Recovery Words to a trusted friend or family member is one of the best ways.

Buy a hardware wallet, like the Ledger Nano S, that makes pushing a button on the device necessary to allow any transaction.
Get a Nimiq Ledger

Choose a long and diverse password.

Be aware of phishing attempts and always check the domain of Nimiq related applications.

Use security software like Cryptonite to warn you when you are visiting malicious websites.

Enable two-factor authentication for services where you might store your login.

Let’s look out for each other.

One of the best security measures is the combined knowledge of the community. If you are unsure – if there is even the slightest suspicion – reach out and ask for advice.