Nimiq in a Nutshell

A simple, secure and censorship-resistant cryptocurrency, native to the web.

The Pitch

Nimiq is blockchain technology inspired by Bitcoin but designed for the browser.

Implemented in Rust and JavaScript, Nimiq empowers web developers to easily access and build on it. Only three lines of code connect any web application directly to the blockchain, making it easily accessible to web-based businesses and projects, too.

Unlike cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Nimiq does not require a third-party node to send transactions directly from the browser. This advantage allows for a new level of accessibility and user experience without the need to compromise on decentralization or censorship-resistance. Empowered by these features, Nimiq provides a frictionless transfer and store of value directly applicable to the real world: The NIM cryptocurrency.

NIM is the heart of an ecosystem of applications built by the community and the team alike. The free-to-use browser wallet by Team Nimiq is an example of the simplicity made possible by the browser-first blockchain. Creating a Nimiq account on the website requires no download, no personal data and takes less than 2 minutes. Keys are stored in the user's browser and are never sent to a server. A redesign (ETA April ’19) will improve account creation, making it faster to create a Nimiq account than a Google or Facebook account. The project donates some NIM to new users. Try it here.

The same level of easy accessibility is projected for buying and selling NIM as well. Nimiq has started working with a non-custodial exchange and a financial institution to facilitate trustless conversions of NIM to other cryptos, as well as NIM ⇆ Euro.

Nimiq’s protocol and application code is open source. It is a community-driven nonprofit project developed by a multinational and tech-focused team.

For Team Nimiq, impact is more than business. Two percent of the total NIM supply has been irrevocably assigned to Nimiq’s charitable foundation, vesting over 10 years. As the value of NIM grows, this foundation will be enabled to support good cause initiatives with high social or ecological impact.

The Tech

Accounts and balances are stored in a Merkle-based accumulator. Non-Interactive Proofs of Proof-of-Work allow for super lightweight nodes. Consensus can be established in seconds, including on mobile devices. Argon2d is Nimiq’s latency-bound PoW algorithm; Ed25519 Schnorr signatures secure transactions. Currently, there are two implementations of the protocol: JavaScript and Rust. Cryptographic primitives are optimized through WebAssembly in the browser.

A whitepaper for Nimiq 2.0 – the evolution of the current protocol – will soon be published. Nimiq 2.0’s novel consensus algorithm will achieve a performance close to the theoretical maximum of a single-chain protocol.

The Vision

Barrier-free value exchange for everyone.

The Mission

Enable the most accessible,
censorship-resistant payment solutions.

General Bitcoin Ethereum Nimiq Nimiq 2.0
Primary use-case Store of value, censorship-resistant payments Distributed computing platform, smart contracts Accessible and censorship-resistant payments
User interaction App or website relying on a third-party service/gateway or installing your own node Installation free web-app that runs your own light node inside your browser
JavaScript bindings Yes, but require third-party gateway Yes, natively Yes, natively
Onboarding time
(non-custodial wallet)
Several minutes Several minutes Less than 2 minutes Less than 20 seconds
Tech. Specs Bitcoin Ethereum Nimiq Nimiq 2.0
Maximum supply 21 million BTC infinite 21 billion NIM
On-chain transactions per second 7-15 up to 25 up to 12 1000+
Average block time 10 minutes 15 seconds 1 minute seconds
Current average TX fee 0.10 to 0.20 USD 0.14 - 0.28 USD 0 USD for up to 10 TX per block and sender N/A
Light node sync download size tens of megabytes hundreds of megabytes ~1MB TBA
Consensus algorithm PoW based on SHA256 PoW, planned to be switched to PoS PoW based on Argon2d TBA
Mining CPU, GPU and ASICs CPU, GPU and ASICs CPU and GPU TBA
Smart contracts Scripts, not Turing-complete Programmable, Turing-complete HTLC + Vesting HTLC + TBA
None of the statements must be viewed as an endorsement or recommendation for Nimiq, any cryptocurrency, or financial product. Neither the information, nor any opinion contained herein constitutes a solicitation or offer by the creators or participants to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments or provide any financial advice or service.
Nimiq is evolving: New Website and UX coming Q2 2019,
Nimiq 2.0 Whitepaper coming Q3 2019. Continue to website

Open Money

Simple, secure and censorship-resistant cryptocurrency.
New Website and
Nimiq 2.0 Whitepaper
coming Q3 2019
Go to website

What is Nimiq?

A blockchain technology inspired by Bitcoin but designed to run in your browser. It is a fast and easy means of payment.
Read 1-Pager Read Whitepaper

What makes it secure?

Nimiq's decentralized, censorship-resistant payment system is open source and under continuous peer-review. Your funds are controlled by no one but you.

What makes it special?

Nimiq is designed for ease-of-use: its browser-first approach means it is installation-free for users. Developers can easily build on it with JavaScript.
Nimiq is evolving: New Website and UX coming Q2 2019,
Nimiq 2.0 Whitepaper coming Q3 2019. Continue to website


Debian tabalı dağıtımlar

  • Ubuntu 19.04
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Debian 9


Red Hat tabanlı dağıtımlar

  • Fedora 30
  • Fedora 29


Not: Bu sayfa aşağıda verilen dağıtımın kurulması ve kullanımı hakkında bilgiler içerir. Daha iyiperformans için, isterseniz kaynakları derleyebilirsiniz kaynak kodu cihazda kullanılacak yer.

Debian dpkg -i nimiq_1.5.0-1_amd64.deb
Fedora yum install nimiq-1.5.0-1.x86_64.rpm
MSI dosyasını (nimiq-v*.x64.msi) indirmek için çift tıklayın ve kurulum adımlarını takip edin.


Not: Nimiq Full Node kullanabilmek ve bağlantı kurabilmek için geçerli birdomain ve SSL sertifikası gereklidir.

Linux ayar dosyasının bulunduğu yer /etc/nimiq/nimiq.conf
Windows platformlarda ayar dosyasına erişebilmek için, Windows Başlat Menüsüne ve oradan Nimiq klasörüne girip "Edit Config" i seçin.

Örnek Ayar Dosyası


host: "",

tls: {




network: "main",

miner: {

enabled: "yes",




systemctl start|stop|restart nimiq
Nimiq uygulamasını Windows Başlat menüsünden çalıştırın. Eğer madenci aktifse ve ayarları doğruysa anında çalışmaya başlar.


Nimiq Creators are driven by the ultimate life goal to contribute something to society that is meaningful, large scale and cutting edge. Building the Nimiq Network and Ecosystem lives up to those ambitions while the teams combined talents and skillsets secure the capacity to implement them.

Sahnenin arkasındakilere bir bakın

Team Nimiq

Atua Mo’e

Video Dökümantasyon & Sosyal Medya

115K Youtube subscribers. Professional Vlogger, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency apprentice.

Chris Mo’e

Video Dökümantasyon & Sosyal Medya

85K Youtube subscribers. Professional Vlogger, Hobby Blockchain & Cryptocurrency investor.

Curd Becker

Sistem Virtüözü

Curd is a hardware and network systems security expert at heart. He studied computer science at Saarland University, specializing early on in system administration and moving up to Head of Information Technology at CISPA (Center for Cybersecurity, Privacy and Accountability). At CISPA he managed heterogeneous hardware and software platforms across a mix of 70+ physical and virtual servers. Curd volunteered as "Programming for Engineers" tutor for refugees during the immigration wave that particularly challenged Germany. He has a personal passion for operating systems with a focus on security testing and reverse engineering. Several hardware security projects he worked on are strictly confidential.

Daniel Mohr

Ekosistem & UI/UX Geliştirici

Research assistant at German research center for AI working on intelligent User Interfaces. Computer Science Tutor and TA at SU. Passion for implementing progressive App responsive UIs and front-ends.

Elion Chin

Nimiq Ortak Kurucusu, Operasyon Sorumlusu

Cofounder, Investor and CFO of Silicon Valley based MoodLogic Inc. sold 2006 to AMG (now publicly listed ROVI). PhD (s.c.l) in Economics at Swiss University of St. Gallen and visiting PhD at Stern School of Business, NYU. Built the Silicon Paradise Tech movement in Costa Rica and SkyLoft as secluded incubation base for ideas and early stage startups. Collaboration with Carao Ventures on vetting and supporting startups and professional efforts with high social or ecological impact.

Janosch Gräf

Core Developer

Janosch first started programming in BASIC on a Playstation 2. He spent years of late nights learning PHP, Javascript, C, Python, Java and Rust. By the age of 16 he used C to program an Operating System and soon developed several open source projects. Janosch became interested in cryptocurrencies and bought his first Bitcoins in 2012, and to understand the protocol he implemented his own Bitcoin client. More recently, when he first started programming Rust he immediately fell in love with it. Janosch's philosophy is: "If you find a bug, submit a patch!"

Jeffrey Esquivel

Blok Zinciri Çekirdek Geliştirici

Likes to talk binary to chips. The asynchronous nature of JavaScript reminds him of hardware interrupts. Expert on automatic testing frameworks, continuous delivery servers and supporting infrastructure for software projects. At his day job he codes low level software abstraction layers (SDKs) to configure the behavior of custom made Application Specific Integrated Circuits contained in enterprise class networking equipment. Deployed several BIND DNS Servers (with custom-compiled multi­threading support) at a national scale for a major ISP.

Julian Bauer

UI/UX Dizayn & Geliştirici

Co-owner ‘overnice’ branding and digital communication agency. Consulted the German Foreign Ministry on digital matters. Established a delivery platform for Subway Germany. Frontend developed the Skype Bot Developers Platform. Strong passion for both the big picture as well as attention to detail in UI and UX implementation.

Marvin Wissfeld

Blok Zinciri Çekirdek Geliştirici

Presenter at 2017 IEEE Symposium on Security & Privacy in Silicon Valley. At age 14 earned first pocket money through his webpage. One of the youngest mentors at Google Summer of Code, Expert on Malware Analysis, Mobile and Web Security. Personal passion for Privacy Engineering, all matters Android and Cryptography.

Mauricio Lara

Counsel & Representation

Mauricio is a Costa Rican attorney and member of both the Costa Rican and American Bar Association. He is also a member of the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists (, a leading authority in compliance and financial regulation. He is a partner of InterTax, a legal and accounting services firm with offices in Weston, Brickell and Orlando, FL and San José, Costa Rica and has been advising crypto businesses since early 2014. Mauricio has been invited as speaker to multiple conferences regarding banking, digital payments, cryptocurrencies and regulation for crypto related businesses and compliance. His paper “The Last Decade of Cash” was presented at the Costa Rican International Information Technology Forum 2014. Mauricio is an avid surfer, a long-distance triathlete and cross country mountain biker. He is passionate about evangelizing governmental authorities on distributed ledger technology and applications for law and government and foresees public service in his future.

Maximilian Harz

Ekosistem & UI/UX Geliştirici

As curious and explorative child learned what it meant to 'format' a disk the hard way by formatting the only available disk with games on it. When Internet arrived at his home, young Max started to create websites and soon had his own browser games running. Thought it would be fun to study Computer Science. Did several tutor jobs at SU including on topics cryptography and concurrent programming. Worked as full stack web developer on intranet projects for global enterprises. Max worked with and against some of the ugliest business APIs and always succeeded.

Pascal Berrang

Blok Zinciri Çekirdek Geliştirici

PhD (s.c.l.) in Computer Science (focus on Security & Privacy) at SU with over a dozen publications and several scholarships. Member of saarsec CTF team scoring 3rd at RuCTFE 2015, 2nd at iCTF 2015 and 2nd at RuCTF 2016. Organizing Committee Member for the 1st IEEE European Symposium on Security & Privacy. Hiring committee member for professorships at SU. Former TA for Cyber Security & Mathematics for Computer Science. Loves challenges that seem impossible and has a personal passion for distributed systems.

Philipp von Styp-Rekowsky

Nimiq Ortak Kurucusu, Blok Zinciri Teknoloji Yöneticisi

BA at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence. MA at Max Planck Institute for Computer Science. PhD student to Professor Michael Backes at the Information Security and Cryptography Group at CISPA (Center for Cybersecurity, Privacy and Accountability). Built award-winning software AppGuard (over 2 million downloads, German IT Security Award) and Boxify (CeBIT Innovation Award). Published in several journals and technical reports. Personal passion for Blockchain technology and making security usable without compromising.

Philipp Tschabold

Philipito's Kitchen

(during Hackathons)

After years of working as passionate chef and restaurateur in and around Switzerland, Philipp decided to change things up and follow a free-spirited version of his passion. He set out to create and deliver culinary experiences as a service on sail boats touching some of the most beautiful places around the globe. One of his stops introduced him to a very special part of Costa Rica where he found his love, tranquility and a new home. Philipp met one of the Nimiq team members a few years ago and supports the project during Hackathons for minimal workflow disruption on site and providing a balanced & healthy diet for maximum productivity.

Ricardo Barquero

Topluluk Yöneticisi

Telecom Engineer by profession. Cryptocurrency evangelist by choice. Personal projects from CAD application for submarine fiber optic cable comm to developing a synthesizable model of an educational CPU. Life mission to digitalize & monitor every entropic variable in today's world led to speaking at Nagios World Conference 2014. Linux and Networking Instructor at Greencore Solutions. Responsible for running entire backbone infrastructure for largest Cable & Internet Provider in Costa Rica. Technical writer at leading WebRTC company TokBox.

Richard Patel

Core Developer

Started full time programming at 15, modding games in Java and C++. Loves crypto, data archiving and writing Go. Crawls ~1.4 Petabyte at the OD-Database project in his free time. Maintains the BlockAtlas API serving blockchain data to 100'000+ installs of Binance's Trust Wallet. Nimiq community member that joined the team following completion of two projects backed by the Nimiq Funding initiative.

Sebastian Dietel

Ecosystem & UI/UX Geliştirici

Sebastian read his first book about programming at the age of 13 and not much later launched his first proper website. Driven by the question ‘What else can I make this machine do?’ he studied Computer Science at SU. He worked as a full stack web developer for almost a decade and delivered a number of award nominated sites for MA-X new media agency. Sebastian loves to challenge himself to learning new things and has a personal passion for implementing uncluttered and intuitive interfaces.

Sören Schwert

Ekosistem & UI/UX Geliştirici

Studied Aerospace Engineering in the UK. Worked as requirements engineer and developed a keen eye for detail and perfectionism. As passionate Javascript coder, Nimiq's first Hacker News post was his perfect excuse to dive head-first into blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Sören is an avid follower and active community member and created the first Nimiq blockchain explorer He now applies his problem-solving skills to user-interfaces and helps new developers get started in the Nimiq ecosystem.

Sui-Ju Chuang (穗如)

İletişim & Araştırma

Studied Information Management and worked at HTC headquarters in Taiwan. She is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese and English, while determined to become fluent in German as well. During work and travel in the US, Australia, and Europe she discovered her passion for cultures, languages, and communications. She is an optimist with love for simplicity and excited about a better future with blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.

Sven Buschbeck

İletişim, UI/UX Geliştirici, Teknik Dokümantasyon

Sven started hacking web apps in the mid 90ies at the age of twelve on a dial-up modem and holds a degree in computer science and media design, specializing on human-computer interaction. He is an advocate for diversity and sustainability, keen on learning, writing, and living outdoors. Worked as web technology consultant and in scientific research at the University of Trento, Italy, and the German Institute for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). Has lived and worked in four out of seven continents.

Tammo Mamedi

UI/UX Dizayn

Co-owner ‘overnice’ branding and digital communication agency. Built experience and portfolio at Jung von Matt. Consulted the German Foreign Ministry on digital matters. Food entrepreneur. Personal passion for communication strategies and helping early stage ventures get it right.


Amy Zhang

İletişim & Araştırma


BA in Economics from UC Berkeley. Masters candidate in Data Science. Chinese market analyst. Simplicity Evangelist.

Arthur Gervais

Blok Zinciri Güvenlik Bilim İnsanı


Arthur is a Lecturer (equivalent Assistant Professor) at Imperial College London and at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU). He earned his PhD thesis on Blockchain Security and Privacy at ETH Zurich. He has authored several influential peer-reviewed scientific articles published at top-tier security conferences. Arthur is co-founder of the ChainSecurity AG, the first company to provide an automated formal verification tool for Ethereum smart contracts ( The Team is honored to have him look over their shoulders, provide hands-on help and share valuable scientific insights as well as trigger continuous research on topics relevant for the longevity of Nimiq.

Robin Linus

Nimiq Ortak Kurucusu, Blok Zinciri & Ekosistem Mimarı


White Hat, native speaker of Javascript. Designed, developed and open-sourced Snapdrop with more than 500’000 unique visitors since launch. Published privacy tools like Webkay to uncover personal data exposure with over 1.5 million visitors since launch. Revealed security issues through penetration testing (including Twitter and Google). Cofounded Edutech Startup collaborating with ETH Zurich and Humboldt University Berlin. Implemented the world's first prototype of a browser-first Blockchain. Unwavering passion for the full spectrum of the web platform, ranging from UI design to Progressive Web Apps, scalability, performance and security.


En Çok Sorulanlar

  • NIM is the token of the Nimiq Mainnet Blockchain. A total of 2.52 billion NIM were created in the Genesis Block during the Launch of the Mainnet. The minimum unit of NIM is called a luna and 100,000 luna equal 1 NIM. After the Launch of the Mainnet, NIM are rewarded to miners as described below in the technical section of this FAQ.

  • The Testnet is where new features get released and tested first before they hit the Mainnet. The NIM you mine or transact in the Testnet are Testnet NIM. Testnet NIM are not compatible with the Mainnet and are for testing only.

  • NET, ERC-20 (Ethereum bazında) bir tokendi ve başlangıç döneminde dağıtıldı. Etkinleşme döneminde NET’in yerine NİM geçti. Toplamda 10.500.000 NET dağıtıldı. NET artık devre dışıdır. Daha fazla bilgi için buraya tıklayın: And then there was only NIM.

  • Yes, there is an official app for the Ledger Nano S. Usage instructions can be found here.

Nimiq Hakkında

  • Nimiq is a browser-first Blockchain designed for simplicity. Nimiq’s reason for existence is to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to the mainstream. To achieve that purpose Nimiq has been built from the ground up to address and break the barriers to entry that inhibit the mainstream adoption of blockchain technologies. Nimiq is encompassed by a strong philanthropic mindset, it will always remain open-source and community-driven.

  • Main differentiators:

    • Nimiq's single purpose is to solve the payment protocol problem. Simple, fast and secure payments from User A to User B.
    • Browser-first and installation-free since it is written in Javascript ES6 and communicates via WebSockets + WebRTC for connecting to the network without a trusted third party.
    • Light clients allow you to establish quick Blockchain consensus in seconds.
    • Goal of near instant transactions via off-chain transactions.
    • Long-term commitment and good cause contribution embedded into the Genesis-Block.
  • Official information is published on our Blog and Twitter account. Additionally, we have a YouTube Channel. You can also join our Discord and Telegram groups to be a part of our fast growing community. If you still want more, you can also find us on Reddit and Steemit.

Nimiq Ecosystem Apps

    • NIM: Abbreviation for Nimiq blockchain token/coin.
    • Nimiq Account Number: IBAN style 36 character Account address/number for one particular Account on the Nimiq blockchain.
    • Nimiq Safe: Digital vault containing one or more Nimiq Accounts for storing larger amounts of NIM, „desktop first“ design with high security features and lower transaction frequency in mind.
    • Nimiq Wallet: Digital wallet containing one or more Nimiq Accounts for day-to-day NIM transactions, „mobile first“ design for ease-of-use and more frequent payment routines.
    • Account Access File: PNG format file that contains the encrypted private key for its corresponding Nimiq Account.
    • Account Recovery Words: 24 word list from which the private key and its corresponding Nimiq Account can be recovered. Not to be confused with the 24 Ledger Nano S Recovery Words.
    • Passphrase: Minimum 10 character user-defined sentence/phrase used to encrypt and decrypt the Account Access File and private key for the corresponding Nimiq Account. This allows Account import/export from its Access File and authorizing/signing transactions involving the corresponding Nimiq Account.
    • Nimiq Identicon: Visual representation of your Nimiq Account number. The Identicon is close to unique for each Account and is meant to help with more easily identifying your own different Accounts as well as destination Accounts relevant to your transactions. For security reasons always reconfirm the actual Account numbers before authorizing a transaction.
  • Yes, each time you open Nimiq Applications with a new browser, created wallets (Private/Public keys) will be stored locally in that browser. In the Nimiq Safe, wallets can be imported and exported, thus, can be exported from one into another browser. If using a Ledger Nano S, the keys are stored on the Ledger and the device can directly be used on multiple computers/browsers without the need to export the keys.

  • The Nimiq Safe is a free and open-source, client-side user interface. It allows you to interact directly with the Nimiq blockchain while remaining in full control of your keys and your funds. You and only you are responsible for your security.

    • The most secure way to access your funds is via the official Nimiq app for the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet. Although the use of a hardware wallet is not a necessity, it is highly recommended as it helps prevent typical phishing attacks and theft by infected computers.
    • Phishers might send you a message with a link to a website that looks just like the Nimiq Safe, PayPal, or your online banking, but it is not the real website. They steal your information and then steal your money.
    • We cannot recover your funds or freeze your account if you visit a phishing site or lose your private key.
    • Always validate the URL:
    • Manually type this in the URL address bar of your browser, check spelling and bookmark the URL. Do not trust links sent to you via email, Slack, Reddit, Twitter, etc. Always navigate directly to before you enter any security relevant information.
    • The only authorized view that will ever ask you for your Pass Phrase, PIN or 24 Recovery Words is triggered by your security relevant account actions in the Nimiq Safe that prompt the: "Nimiq Keyguard" at
    • Install an ad blocker and do not click on ads in your search engine (e.g. Google).
  • Make a backup of your 24 Recovery Words and Pass Phrase. Do NOT just store them on your computer. Print or write them down on a piece of paper. Store one ore more copies of this paper in one or more secure and private physical locations. A backup is not useful if it is destroyed by a fire or flood along with your laptop. Do not store your recovery words in Dropbox, Google Drive, or other cloud storage. If such account were to be compromised, your funds will be stolen.

  • If you lose your Recovery Words, Pass Phrase or PIN, they are gone forever. Don’t lose them. Make sure you have a backup.

  • No, the balance of your account is not stored in your browser but in the Nimiq blockchain. The browser only stores the access to the funds for you. This access is stored in the browser offline data. Thus, the access gets only lost when the browser deletes the offline data, not by deleting the cookies. Nonetheless, it's important that your always backup your account access via Account Access File or 24 Recovery Words.

  • No, they are not compatible by design. The idea of a hardware wallet is that it prevents access to the private key from the computer, especially from infected computers. Thus, neither the Ledger Nano S Recovery Words should be imported to your computer, nor should the the Recovery Words generated on your computer be imported into the Ledger. If you loose your Ledger Nano S, the recommended way to recover your funds from your Ledger Recovery Words is to import the Ledger Recovery Words into another Ledger Nano S device.


  • Not at all, we designed Nimiq to be able to run in your browser without extra software. That doesn’t mean it works only in your browser. You can use any device that supports Node.js to run a Backbone Client.

  • We are very excited about the technology but we feel it still needs more research and testing before being introduced into the worldwide environment. We are considering its use in a later stage of the Nimiq Blockchain but this is yet to be decided.

    • Block time: 1 minute (inspired by the results of "On the Security and Performance of Proof of Work Blockchains").
    • Total supply: 21 billion tokens divisible by 10⁵ which accounts for a total suply in smallest units, called luna, of 21e14, identical to Bitcoin.
    • Block reward: starts with 4965 NIM and is reduced in a curved fashion (inspired in Monero and Cryptonote) proportional to the block height and remaining Nimiq supply. The reward remains constant once a certain block height is reached.
    • Max Block size: 140 kB
    • Difficulty adjustment: Every 120 blocks.

    You can learn more about our technical parameters in our Developer Reference.


  • Yes, any server or device that runs Node.js can mine Nimiq.

  • Nimiq Blockchain uses Argon2 as PoW algorithm. Argon2 was designed and optimized to ensure that GPUs or similar processors won't be able to hash a lot faster than regular CPUs. This is achieved by binding mining speed to memory and cache latency instead of processing power, resulting in reduced power consumption on modern CPUs. The best hardware for mining Argon2 is unknown at this point, as optimized miners have not been developed yet.

  • Yes:

    • If the account was created using the Nimiq Safe, Nimiq Web Miner or Nimiq Keyguard, you just need to export your account access using the Nimiq Safe and import it into the Nimiq Safe on any other Browser.
    • If using a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet, the account is stored on the hardware wallet and can be used on multiple computers without the need to export it first.
    • To mine to the same account using the node miner, it is sufficient to specify the account address in the miner configuration and thus, you don't necessarily have to import the account access.
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Nimiq Kasa birkullanıcı arayüzüdür

  • Nimiq Kasa da bir hesap oluşturduğunuzda, şifrelenmiş bir sayı seti oluşturmuş olursunuz: Gizli Anahtar (24 kelimelik kurtarma anahtarı olarak bilinir) ve Dağıtılabilir Anahtar (HesapNumarası olarak bilinir).
  • Anahtarlarınız bilgisayarınız tarafından, web tarayıcınızın içinde tutulurlar.
  • Kendinize, parolanız ile şifrelenmiş gizli anahtarınızı içeren Hesap Erişim Dosyası oluşturup bilgisayarınızda saklayabilirsiniz.
  • Biz hiçbir zaman Gizli Anahtarınızı, kurtarma anahtarınızı, parolanızı ya da bilgilerinizi saklamayız.
  • Transfer ücreti almayız.
  • Arayüzümüzü kullanarak doğrudan blok zinciri ile işlem yaparsınız.
  • Hesap numaranızı (Dağıtılabilir Anahtar) birisine gönderirseniz, size NIM gönderebilir.
  • Eğer Gizli Anahtarınızı, 24 kelimelik kurtarma anahtarınızı ya da Hesap Erişim Dosyanızı birine gönderirseniz, hesabınıza tam erişim sahibi olurlar ve yatırımlarınız kaybolabilir.

2. Yapamayacağımız şeyler…

  • Hesabınıza erişip yatırımınızı size göndermek.
  • Gizli Anahtarınızı değiştirmek.
  • Parolanızı öğrenmek ya da sıfırlamak.
  • Transferleri geri almak, iptal etmek.
  • Hesabınızı dondurmak.

3. Güvenliğinizden sadece ve sadece siz sorumlusunuz

  • Gizli Anahtarınızı, 24 kelimelik kurtarma anahtarınızı, Hesap Erişim Dosyanızı ya da Parolanızı korumak için gayretli olun. Gizli Anahtarınız bazı farklı platformlarda mnemonic phrase, keystore file, UTC file, JSON file, wallet file şeklinde adlandırılabilirler.
  • Eğer Gizli Anahtarınızı ya da Parolanızı kaybederseniz hiçkimse geri alamaz.
  • Eğer Gizli Anahtarınızı zararlı sitelere kaptırırsanız tüm yatırımlarınızı çalabilirler.

4. Donanımsal Cüzdan kullanın. Ciddiyiz!

  • Bir donanımsal cüzdan, yatırımlarınıza erişmek için çok güvenli bir yoldur.
  • Gizli Anahtarınız donanımsal cüzdanın içinde saklanır ve güvendedir.
  • Donanımsal cüzdan kullandığınızda, güvensiz ya da zararlı yazılım içeren bir bilgisayarda bile yatırımınız güvende olursunuz.
  • Kripto paralarınızı aynı cüzdanda bir haftadan fazla süre bekletiyorsanız kesinlikle size donanımsal cüzdan kullanmanızı öneririz. Buna değer!
  • Bizim önerimiz Nimiq destekleyen Ledger Nano S Kullanım hakkında bilgi almak için tıklayın.

5. HERZAMAN adres çubuğunda bu adres yazdığından emin olun:

  • Web tarayıcınızın adres çubuğuna adresi kendiniz yazın, yazımı kontrol edin ve Sık kullanılanlara ekleyin.
  • Yetkiye sahip olması halinde, Nimiq Kasa ekranında güvenliğinizin gerektirdiği durumlarda size Parolanız ya da 24 Kelimelik kurtarma anahtarınız "Nimiq Keyguard" tarafından sorulabilir.….

6. Şüpheli bir siteye girdiğinizde, sizi uyarması için Metacert tarafından üretilen Cryptonite eklentisini kurabilirsiniz.

7. Nimiq Kasa yı çevrimdışı kullanın.

8. Özel mesaj olarak gönderilen adreslere, mesajlarda güvenmeyin. Mutlaka ikinci bir kaynaktan durumu sorgulayın!

  • Sakın kripto, para, banka, veya Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail gibi servislere ait linkler içeren maillere tıklamayın.
  • İstemeden tıkladıysanız da kesinlikle kişisel hiçbir verinizi vermeyin.
  • Asla Gizli Anahtarınızı, 24 Kelimelik kurtarma anahtarınızı, Parolanızı ya da diğer önemli bilginizi size bir şekilde ulaştırılmış bir sayfada kullanmayın.

9. 2FA (2 Faktörlü Doğrulama) yı her şeyde kullanın.

  • Kötü birşeyler olmadan hemen kullanmaya başlayın. Bizim önerimiz Google Authenticator kullanmanızdır. Telefon numaranızı gizli tutun. Özellikle Google hesabınızda telefon numaranızı görünür yapmayın (gizlilik ayarlarında bulabilirsiniz). Yoksa potansiyel bir saldırgan bu numaraya ulaşarak hesabınıza erişebilir.
  • Önemli not: 2FA bir sunucuya erişiminizdeki şifrenizi extra korur.
  • 2FA kurtarma şifrelerinizi saklamayı unutmayın. Telefonunuzun başına birşey geldiğinde 2FA korumalı hesaplarınıza erişmekte büyük acılar çekebilirsiniz

10. Linkleri iki defa kontrol edin, GitHub linklerini üç defa kontrol edin

  • Önemli bilgilerinizi girdiğiniz sayfaların adreslerini mutlaka kontrol edin. Özellikle de kullanıcı adı ve şifre, Gizli anahtar, Parola ya da diğer kişisel bilgileriniz soruluyorsa.
  • SSL sertifikası bir sitenin güvenli olduğunu anlatmaz. Saldırganlar kolayca sitelerine SSL sertifikası kurabilirler. Eğer girdiğiniz siteden süphe duyarsanız, ulaşmaya çalıştığınız sitenin Reddit, Twitter, GitHub, Discord gibi resmi kanallarına ulaşıp doğru linklerini öğrenebilirsiniz.
  • GitHub linklerinin benzerlerini yapmak kolay ve anlaşılması zordur. Reddit gibi yerlerden denk gelebileceğiniz linkler yerine, Projelerin geliştiricilerini Twitter dan takip etmek, Reddit ten arkadaş olarak eklemek, Github projelerini Yıldızla işaretlemek size doğru linkleri bulmakta kolaylık sağlar.

11. Ulaştığınız sitenin oturmuş olduğuna emin olun

Oturmuş bir site derken, henüz yeni açılmış bir site olmaması. Vadettiklerini yapabildiğinden emin olmadan ve yeterli bir süredir izlemeden, özellikle de henüz domaini yeni alınmış sitelerden bir süre uzak durun.

12. Twitter hesapları yasal mı!

13. Servisin ismini + "scam" ya da "reviews" şeklinde aratın

Aldatmaca (Scam) sitelerin ömürleri uzun değildir. Rasgele sitelerdeki yorumları okuyun. Okuduğunuz yorumları değerlendirin. Yasal sitelerin yorumları genelde iyi ve kötü yorumlariçerir ve yorumların yapıldığı tarihler geniş bir aralıktadır. Aldatmaca siteler hakkında genelde çok konuşmalar olmaz. Sadece zarar görmüş kişilerin hayıflanmalarını görürsünüz.

14. Uzaktan erişim programları kullanmayın (örn: TeamViewer, VNC, …)

Özellikle Gizli Anahtarınızın olduğu bilgisayarınıza uzaktan erişim programı kurmayın çünkü bu tarz programların belirli açıkları olabilir. Diğer yandan bilgisayarınıza tam erişim verdiğinizde 2FA sizi koruyamayabilir.

15. Reklam engelleyici kullanın

Bizim önerimiz uBlock Orgin. Eğer Adblock Plus kullanıyorsanız, bazı Google Ads reklamlarını engellemez. Adblock Plus ayarlarına girip "Bazı kişiselleştirilmemiş reklamlara izin ver" seçeneğini kapatın.

16. Reklamlara tıklamayın

Reklam engelleyiciniz olsun ya da olmasın, hiçbir zaman reklamlara tıklayarak bir siteyi ziyaret etmeyin.

17. Şüpheli bir siteye girdiyseniz, geçmişinizi ve otomatik tamamlama bilgilerinizi temizleyin.

Mesela "" (çift k ile) gibi hatalı bir siteye girdiyseniz, Geçmişinizi temizlemek, "kra…" yazdığınızda otomatik tamamlayıp sizi tekrar "" sitesine girmenizi önler.

18. Kimse size bedavadan ya da indirimli NIM, NET, ETH, BTC vermez!

  • Tipik aldatmaca siteleri sizin bir anket doldurmanızı ister ve sizden bilgi almaya çalışır.
  • Yasal bir grup ya da firma token satışını bitirdiyse mesaj yoluyla token satışı yapmaz.
  • Don't rely on avatar picture suggesting a trusted source.

20. Güçlü şifreler kullanın

21. Sadece para gönderimi yapacaksanız cüzdanınıza erişin.

Bakiyenizi bir blok listeleyici olan şu siteden kontrol edebilirsiniz

22. Son olarak: beyninizi kullanın

Bir dakika durup düşünün. Körü körüne atlamayın, etraflıca tartın. Eğer birşeyler size mantıklı gelmiyorsa, Dünyanın en şanslı kişisi ben miyim ? diye kendinize sorun. "Böyle bir fırsatı sadece siz görmüş olamazsınız", hepsinin başka bir sebebi olmalı.

Nimiq Uygulamaları
Nimiq Ekibinin Uygulamaları


Nimiq hesaplarınızı güvenli bir şekilde yönetin. NIM gönderip alın, bakiyenizi inceleyin.

Faucet (Musluk)

NIM denemeniz için bir bağış sistemi

Web Madencisi

Nimiq ağına katılıp, ağı güçlendirip kazdığınız bloklarla NIM kazanın.

Masaüstü Madencisi

Arttırılmış performanslı masaüstü madenci uygulaması.


NIM leriniz ile Nimiq eşyaları alın.


Nimiq Blockchain İzleyicisi

Topluluk Uygulamaları

Trust Wallet

Coinlarinizi yönetmek için Android ve iOS için cüzdan uygulaması

SushiPool Explorer

Nimiq blok zincirindeki işlemi grafik arayüz sayesinde keşfet

Bidali Gift Cards

NİM'lerini kullanarak Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, Google Play için hediye çeki ve daha bir çok şey satın alabilirsin

GetNIM Android App

Oyun oynayarak, internette gezinerek veya küçük görevler yaparak NİM kazan

Kunani Desktop Miner

Windows 10 için olan Nimiq Desktop Miner ile daha hızlı madencilik yap


Video izleyerek, anket cevaplayarak veya küçük görevler yaparak NİM kazan

Nimiq Mopsus

Nimiq Blockchain İzleyicisi


Nimiq havuz istatistikleri ve karşılaştırması


Twitch için Nimiq bağış botu


Nimiq web servisleri ve API


Ethereum tabanlı Nimiq takası yapabileceğiniz merkezsiz borsa

Project Nimizuela

Venezuela'da Nimiq bilincini arttırmaya yönelik bir proje

Nimiq Utilities

Yararlı uzantıları ile Google Chrome Web Tarayıcısı ile işlem yap, mesaj imzala ve daha fazlası


İçerikten para kazanmak için, web sitenize ekleyebileceğiniz madenci

Nimiq Funder

İçerikten para kazanmak için, web sitenize ekleyebileceğiniz madenci


İçerikten para kazanmak için, web sitenize ekleyebileceğiniz wordpress eklentisi madenci

PayNim Telegram Bot

NIM işlemlerini Telegram üzerinden gerçekleştir

Short NIM

İçerikten para kazanmak için, web sitenize ekleyebileceğiniz link kısaltıcı


Email adresinizden NIN gönderip alabileceğiniz platform

Discord Tip Bot

Discord için Nimiq bağış botu

Reddit Tip Bot

Reddit için Nimiq bağış botu

Nimiq China

Nimiq e adanmış Çince site

Community Faucet (Musluk)

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Nimiq Blockchain'inde online hizmetler koleksiyonu

Nimiq ve bağlı kuruluşları, içerik ve Topluluk Uygulamaları'nın kullanımıyla ilişkili risklerden sorumlu değildir. Topluluk Uygulamaları bağımsız olarak işletilmektedir ve her bir projenin ve operatörün güvenilirliği ve bütünlüğünün yanı sıra belirli şartları ve koşulları araştırmanızı şiddetle tavsiye ederiz.
Nimiq, Inuit dilinde bir şeyleri bir araya getiren kuvvet anlamına gelir.
Nimiq, Inuit dilinde bir şeyleri bir araya getiren kuvvet anlamına gelir.
Fiyat $ / mBTC
Değişim (BTC) /
Trade Telegraph
Nimiq, Inuit dilinde bir şeyleri bir araya getiren kuvvet anlamına gelir.
Nimiq, Inuit dilinde bir şeyleri bir araya getiren kuvvet anlamına gelir.
Nimiq, Inuit dilinde bir şeyleri bir araya getiren kuvvet anlamına gelir.

Blokzincirini Serbest Bırak

Nimiq sadelik üzerine tasarlanmış bir blokzinciridir.

Nimiq yüksek performanslı ve kullanımı kolay olan merkezsiz ödeme protokolü ve ekosistemi olmayı hedefler.

Proje, son teknoloji ürünü blokzincir araştırmasını ve web teknolojisini birleştirmek için çalışıyor.

Nano istemciler saniyeler içinde senkronize olur. Nimiq web tarayıcı tabanlıdır ve kurulum gerektirmez.



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Nimiq kullanıcılarının en sevdiği özelliği çıkardı: Cashlinks!
Nimiq, Inuit dilinde bir şeyleri bir araya getiren kuvvet anlamına gelir.
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