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To support and encourage projects the Community Funding was created. Join the developer community, apply for funding and start a project.

Community Funding

Many content creators and charities rely on donations to support their efforts. The problem is that middlemen typically take a large share of these donations.

The basic problem with donations is the lack of transparency of where they end up. Almost always there are fees, cuts and people profiting of donation without the donator even taking notice. This creates an air of insecurity and distrust, eventually resulting to fewer funds being donated.

Charity sector and donation reliant content creators alike often get a raw deal.

At Nimiq, we believe that those making donations would prefer if their entire contribution reached the person or cause they wish to support. That’s why Team Nimiq is developing donation functionality into the Nimiq ecosystem and empowering good causes or content creators to receive 100% of the funds donated to them. All this is made possible by the NIM token, which acts as a store and transfer of value and can be exchanged for any fiat currency the recipient chooses.

With Nimiq’s focus on an easy and user-friendly donation user interface, the Nimiq ecosystem will be home to one of the easiest ways to receive or send cross-border donations. Empowered by a super easy to use tool that lets everyone create a ‘Donate’ button, opening a prefilled transaction that requires the donator to only pick an amount.

Q4 2019

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