It's Digital Money

Send and receive it. Across borders or across the table. Store your funds with unmatched security.

NIM is the token of the Nimiq ecosystem and money by nature.

NIM are fungible

One NIM is the same as any other NIM token which makes NIM completely interchangeable and standardized.

NIM are durable

NIM can be used over and over again indefinitely and does not suffer from wear and tear like traditional fiat currency banknotes or coins.

NIM are portable

NIM is exceptionally easy to transport. Indeed, it’s as easy to transport one NIM using the Nimiq Safe or a Ledger hardware wallet as it is a billion NIM.

NIM are divisible

Each NIM is also fractional and is made up of 100,000 Luna. This makes NIM highly divisable and enables microtransactions of fractions of a cent to be sent or received.

NIM are resistant to counterfeiting

Nimiq’s current proof of work consensus algorithm and future proof of stake consensus method makes double-spending or counterfeiting exceptionally difficult and expensive.

NIM are easily transactable

Users can send or receive any amount of NIM in just a few clicks and have their transactions settled in just a minute. With Nimiq 2.0 the confirmation time will go down to just a few seconds.

NIM are scarce

NIM has a capped total supply of 21 billion NIM, which will be released over the next 100 years. Indeed, this makes NIM more scarce than fiat currencies which have no hard caps on maximum supply.

NIM are generally acceptable

In both everyday and business transactions, money must ensure that buyers and sellers can transact in acceptable terms for the value sent or received. NIM can always be compared to fiat currencies like the USD, EUR or BTC etc to determine its value exactly. Various and independent markets create the exchange rate.

The only missing part:
 NIM is still volatile. The current high price volatility means that the currency cannot yet be said to have met the criteria of ‘generally acceptable’. However, as NIM adoption grows, NIM should become less volatile when compared to the USD or other references. 

Create Rewards

Easily generate QR codes containing money. Make them search or race for it.

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Share Accounts

Share an account with clear rules. For vacations, for the dinner bill, for your kid's lunch money.

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Pay Ingame

Plug-and-play a payment system into your game. Facilitate in-game purchases and market places.

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Build your own

All components are open source. Take this use case and build your own app. Check the developer package and the discussion on the forum.

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