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Idea Plug-and-play a payment system into your game. Facilitate in-game purchases and market places.

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Micro transactions and freemium games have taken the gaming world by storm. Nimiq is an easy, reliant and safe way to include payments into a game – or in all games.

Mobile and browser-based games have become synonymous with freemium business models. Put simply, the basic game is free and players have the option to pay for additional features or in-game hard currency to speed up their progress. The problem with in-game hard currency like gems is that these are trapped within the game and players cannot transfer this value from one game to another.

It is also common for popular games to have black market exchanges hosted on questionable websites throughout the internet, where users go to trade in-game items for real money. Needless to say, many people lose their money or in-game items when trying to make trades using these types of websites.

So why don’t browser-based game developers replace in-game hard currency with a cryptocurrency like Nimiq? As a Javascript based payment system, Nimiq can be easily implemented in most web applications. This means that browser-based games could use the Nimiq payment infrastructure to process in-game microtransactions and replace traditional hard currencies like gems or gold with NIM.

Because NIM is a cryptocurrency, it can be sold on an exchange and gamers could be empowered to earn money within games.

Video game publishers could even deploy NIM as the in-game hard currency for all their titles and enable players to transfer value from one publisher title to another to further extend the lifetime value of users.

It's Digital Money

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Easily generate QR codes containing money. Make them search or race for it.

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Share an account with clear rules. For vacations, for the dinner bill, for your kid's lunch money.

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All components are open source. Take this use case and build your own app. Check the developer package and the discussion on the forum.

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