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Idea Share an account with clear rules. For vacations, for the dinner bill, for your kid's lunch money.

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Share an Account with your family, friends or business partners. Conveniently set access and spending rules.

Nimiq’s multi-signature wallet will make it easy for people to pool funds together using the NIM token. These special types of wallets are used to assign co-signatories, who each need to approve a transaction for it to be initiated. This means that the NIM contained within the wallet cannot be spent without the authorization of all the nominated cosignatories.

Nimiq joint accounts can help businesses holding NIM to deploy responsible corporate governance processes. Outside of this enterprise application, it can be used by students or those living in shared housing to manage their shared costs and payments.

The everyday application of Nimiq shared wallets is almost endless. Life is about interacting and sharing the journey with people. Shared expenses are a daily part of life. Think about how often you share taxis and meals with your friends. Nimiq joint accounts could be the ideal solution to help you through life’s tedious financial admin and empower you to focus on the things that matter.

Team Nimiq also anticipates that additional functionality will be added to Nimiq joint accounts to limit the account accessed by particular users. These flexible permissions could take the usability and application of Nimiq joint accounts to the next level.


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