Store Value

No correlation to stock markets and state of the art cryptography diversify every portfolio.

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Community Funding

Nimiq allows for an independent store of value with state of the art encryption technology.

Many people like to store value in a basket of preferably uncorrelated assets such as gold, property, stocks, and bonds. NIM can benefit users and diversify assets held as a store of value due to having no or little correlation with traditional stock markets.

Nimiq’s easy browser-first wallet and integration with Ledger hardware wallets mean that funds can be stored with state of the art encryption, while still being accessible from anywhere in the world.

Need a Ledger Nano? Visit the Nimiq Store to get your hands on one today! By storing your NIM on Ledger, you can travel to any country in the world without needing take your Login File or 24 recovery word along to gain access to your funds. It's all stored safely on the little device. The incredible thing is that this works just as well for storing and accessing the equivalent of $1 as it does for $1 billion.

It's Digital Money

Send and receive it. Across borders or across the table. Store your funds with unmatched security.

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Create Rewards

Easily generate QR codes containing money. Make them search or race for it.

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Share Accounts

Share an account with clear rules. For vacations, for the dinner bill, for your kid's lunch money.

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Build your own

All components are open source. Take this use case and build your own app. Check the developer package and the discussion on the forum.

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