About Nimiq

Nimiq is a non-profit and open source project founded by some, developed by many and owned by none. It is a decentralized payment system, built on a unique blockchain.

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Truly decentralized payments accessible to all, or in short: Crypto for humans.

Nimiq's Mission

Nimiq develops innovative easy-to-use software (tech/technology/tools/applications) that helps humanity transition into the next generation of finance: a sustainable monetary system where intermediaries are not part of commerce, where people are always in full control of their own money, can use it globally and profit from it to achieve financial freedom.

Therefore, Nimiq is building a self-custodial, non-discriminatory, easily usable, secure, cheap, eco-friendly and collaborative decentral financial ecosystem including a digital currency, fast payments, cheap remittances and passive income available to everyone.

Nimiq (NIM) is neutral independent money for a new generation of global collaboration: Free and easy to use for everyone, open for everyone to participate and contribute and interoperable with the future standards of finance.

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  • We are here
    • Work in progress

    • Nimiq for Bluecode

    • Nimiq OASIS Pro

    • Nimiq 2.0 Moonlight Devnet

    • SuperSimpleSwap Widget

    • Cryptopayment.link Staff View

    • New Nimiq Website

    • 2022 & Beyond

    • Nimiq Aurora 2.0 Testnet

    • Launch of 2.0 Bug Bounty program

    • Browser Compatibility with WASM

    • Easy pool staking in the Wallet

    • Nimiq 2.0 Upgrade

    • Native Wallet app for mobile phones

    • Multi-sig features for the Wallet

    • UTXO-Tree

    • Private transactions

    • Governance

    • Research, design and development


Nimiq is all about transparency. A great way to find answers is asking the community. Try Telegram for general questions and Discord for tech-related inquiries.