Nimiq Pay app now supports BTC Lightning!

Nimiq Wallet

A very easy to use yet fully self-custodial web wallet that makes everyone a peer on the blockchain.

  • 100% self-custodial
  • Buy/sell NIM, USDC & BTC
  • Beginner friendly
  • "The steps taken by Team Nimiq towards simplification will help mass adoption by everyday digital bank users."

    Matthew Gould
  • "Nimiq offers very easy access to a true self-custodial web wallet that directly connects to the blockchain"

    Stefan Rust
  • "What excited me about Nimiq is the very easy onboarding for beginners and the user-friendly design of their solutions. You don’t even have to sign up or install an app"

    Ari Last

    VP Buis Dev Simplex

Bursting with features

The Nimiq Wallet is a true crypto powerhouse, packing crypto features and ease of use.

  • Cashlinks

    Wrap a transaction in a link and send crypto like a text message.

  • Multi-language

    Use the wallet with 35+ reference currencies and 8+ languages.

  • Nano Ledger

    Connect your Nano Ledger to the wallet for additional security.

  • Smart UX

    Decentralization and convenience don’t rhyme - Nimiq makes it work.

  • PWA

    Use the web wallet on your phone like a mobile app, with the PWA feature.

  • Smart security

    Login Files secure your login, a backup ensures you're in control.


Unlike any other: The wallet connects directly to the blockchain

Connect to the blockchain – not to miners or masternodes. Send and receive with no one in-between.


Not connected

Block height


Connected to


Stake NIM directly in your wallet

Earning passive income is easy with Nimiq. Simply select a validator and start earning.

Staking components preview from the Nimiq Wallet

Try the wallet now

Creating an account takes about 30 sec, is free and doesn’t require any personal data – give it a try now.