The Team

Nimiq is a non-profit and open source project founded by some, developed by many and owned by none.

Ricardo Barquero

Community Manager

Telecom Engineer by profession. Cryptocurrency evangelist by choice. Personal projects from CAD application for submarine fiber optic cable comm to developing a synthesizable model of an educational CPU. Life mission to digitalize & monitor every entropic variable in today's world led to speaking at Nagios World Conference 2014. Linux and Networking Instructor at Greencore Solutions. Responsible for running entire backbone infrastructure for largest Cable & Internet Provider in Costa Rica. Technical writer at leading WebRTC company TokBox.

Tammo Mamedi

UI/UX & Communication

Co-owner ‘overnice’ branding and digital communication agency. Built experience and portfolio at Jung von Matt. Consulted the German Foreign Ministry on digital matters. Food entrepreneur. Personal passion for communication strategies and helping early stage ventures get it right.

Pascal Berrang

Blockchain Researcher & Core Developer

Assistant Professor for Cyber Security at the University of Birmingham, UK. PhD (s.c.l.) in Computer Science (focus on Security & Privacy) at SU with over a dozen publications in top-tier venues of the field and several scholarships. Former member of saarsec CTF team scoring 3rd at RuCTFE 2015, 2nd at iCTF 2015 and 2nd at RuCTF 2016.

Sergio Valverde

Blockchain Core Developer

Sergio says you're not a full-stack developer unless you know how to program your hardware. He studied Electrical Engineering at UCR from which he gravitated towards Software Engineering ever since he fixed his first firmware bug. After working for several years at HP and Gorilla Logic on embedded platforms, networking and operating systems, he discovered distributed systems. His ambition is working on preserving privacy in the increasingly digital everyday life. During his studies Sergio volunteered at Raleigh International and TECHO on projects with positive social and ecological impact manifesting his desire to be part of building something meaningful and giving back.

Mauricio Lara

Counsel & Representation

Mauricio is a Costa Rican attorney and member of both the Costa Rican and American Bar Association. He is also a member of the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists (, a leading authority in compliance and financial regulation. He is a partner of InterTax, a legal and accounting services firm with offices in Weston, Brickell and Orlando, FL and San José, Costa Rica and has been advising crypto businesses since early 2014. Mauricio has been invited as speaker to multiple conferences regarding banking, digital payments, cryptocurrencies and regulation for crypto related businesses and compliance. His paper “The Last Decade of Cash” was presented at the Costa Rican International Information Technology Forum 2014. Mauricio is an avid surfer, a long-distance triathlete and cross country mountain biker. He is passionate about evangelizing governmental authorities on distributed ledger technology and applications for law and government and foresees public service in his future.

Max Burger

Nimiq Ambassador, Business Development

Max joins Nimiq from a Director position at MCI, one of the worlds leading experience marketing agencies. With an MBA from the Technical University of Chemnitz, an early background as maker entrepreneur and astronomy as a passion, he is also a fitting nerd at heart. Max has taken to the stage and been a guest lecturer on various occasions including the Bavarian Academy for Business Communication and his Alma Mater. If there’s a complicated task, Max won’t stop until he finds a way to achieve the goal. As Nimiq Ambassador he is excited about taking on the Crypto mass adoption challenge and finding creative marketing and business development ways of connecting the nerd pieces with everyday comfort levels!

Adrián García

Advisor LatAm Regulators & Fintech Bridge

Adrián is a Costa Rican entrepreneur, co-founder of Carao Ventures and Terraba, pioneering companies in the fields of venture capital and e-commerce. He has advised and invested in emerging companies for the past 15 years, and taught and mentored entrepreneurs at leading universities such as MIT, Stanford and INCAE. As a board member, he has supported various innovative companies and non-profits that work for social progress. He holds a BA in Economics with Honors from the University of Texas at Austin and and MBA from the MIT School of Management and is part of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

Bruno França

Blockchain Researcher

Bruno got a Bachelor in Physics before focusing on his two passions: blockchain and artificial intelligence.

His strongest skill is Mathematics, super-charged with cryptography, information theory, and computer science. He is fluent in Python and Rust. From September 2018 to December 2019, before joining Nimiq, he was Chief Research Officer at Trinkler Software and worked on Katal, a blockchain designed for DeFi apps, and in collaboration with Nimiq on the Albatross consensus algorithms.

Elion Chin

Nimiq Co-Creator, Operations

Cofounder, Investor and CFO of Silicon Valley based MoodLogic Inc. sold 2006 to AMG (now publicly listed ROVI). PhD (s.c.l) in Economics at Swiss University of St. Gallen and visiting PhD at Stern School of Business, NYU. Built the Silicon Paradise Tech movement in Costa Rica and SkyLoft as secluded incubation base for ideas and early stage startups. Collaboration with Carao Ventures on vetting and supporting startups and professional efforts with high social and ecological impact.

Daniel Mohr

Front-end Engineer

Research assistant at German research center for AI working on intelligent User Interfaces. Computer Science Tutor and TA at SU. Passion for implementing progressive App responsive UIs and front-ends.

Philipp von Styp-Rekowsky

Nimiq Co-Creator, Blockchain Tech Lead

PhD (s.c.l.) in Computer Science at SU with the Information Security and Cryptography Group at CISPA (Center for Cybersecurity, Privacy and Accountability). BSc at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence. MSc at Max Planck Institute for Computer Science. Built award-winning software AppGuard and Boxify. Published in several journals and technical reports. Personal passion for Blockchain technology and making security usable without compromising.

Sebastian Dietel

Front-end Engineer & Core Developer

Sebastian read his first book about programming at the age of 13 and not much later launched his first proper website. Driven by the question ‘What else can I make this machine do?’ he studied Computer Science at SU. He worked as a full stack web developer for almost a decade and delivered a number of award nominated sites for MA-X new media agency. Sebastian loves to challenge himself to learning new things and has a personal passion for implementing uncluttered and intuitive interfaces.

Jeffrey Esquivel

Blockchain Core Developer

Likes to talk binary to chips. The asynchronous nature of JavaScript reminds him of hardware interrupts. Expert on automatic testing frameworks, continuous delivery servers and supporting infrastructure for software projects. At his day job he codes low level software abstraction layers (SDKs) to configure the behavior of custom made Application Specific Integrated Circuits contained in enterprise class networking equipment. Deployed several BIND DNS Servers (with custom-compiled multi­threading support) at a national scale for a major ISP.

Sui-Ju Chuang (穗如)

Communication & Research

Studied Information Management and worked at HTC headquarters in Taiwan. She is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese and English, while determined to become fluent in German as well. During work and travel in the US, Australia, and Europe she discovered her passion for cultures, languages, and communications. She is an optimist with love for simplicity and excited about a better future with blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.

Mathéo Raveux

Front-end Engineer

So passionate about web development that he left school to go straight into freelancing. Driven by his thirst for learning and innovating as well as his taste for quality code, he became the technical director of French communication agency Adelios before the age of 20. Mathéo was instrumental to helping the agency win several distinctions on websites like Awwwards, cssdesignawards and FWA. Now a member of the Nimiq team, he continues to pursue his goal of creating ever more innovative tools, aimed at an ever more demanding audience.

Inês Marques

Technical Writer

Ines has loved to write for as long as she can remember, and it has been her life's hobby of choice. After attending a front-end development course, she shifted her focus on technical writing and joined the team. Working with Nimiq combines two of her life goals: simplifying people's lives and writing.

Marvin Wissfeld

Blockchain Core Developer

Presenter at 2017 IEEE Symposium on Security & Privacy in Silicon Valley. At age 14 earned first pocket money through his webpage. One of the youngest mentors at Google Summer of Code, Expert on Malware Analysis, Mobile and Web Security. Personal passion for Privacy Engineering, all matters Android and Cryptography.

Jose Hernandez

Blockchain Core Developer

JD studied Electrical Engineering at UCR and has a Computer Science Master’s from Georgia Institute of Technology. He also worked as an associate professor at UCR for Electrical Engineering undergraduate courses. Along with Claudio he led a team of embedded system engineers in charge of writing abstraction APIs for networking ASICs for the wired division of HPE Aruba. His interests cover open source software, system design & architecture, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Julian Bauer


Co-owner ‘overnice’ branding and digital communication agency. Consulted the German Foreign Ministry on digital matters. Established a delivery platform for Subway Germany. Frontend developed the Skype Bot Developers Platform. Strong passion for both the big picture as well as attention to detail in UI and UX implementation.

Sven Buschbeck

Communications, Technical Documentation

Sven started hacking web apps in the mid 90ies at the age of twelve on a dial-up modem and holds a degree in computer science and media design, specializing on human-computer interaction. He is an advocate for diversity and sustainability, keen on learning, writing, and living outdoors. Worked as web technology consultant and in scientific research at the University of Trento, Italy, and the German Institute for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). Has lived and worked in four out of seven continents.

Claudio Viquez

Blockchain Core Developer

Claudio studied electrical engineering and mathematics at UCR. He led a team of embedded networking engineers during 5+ years at HP where he published 10+ patents in networking, distributed systems and algorithms. His interests cover formal systems, logic, philosophy and more recently, blockchain technologies and cryptography. He also holds a commercial pilot license and enjoys writing songs, producing and recording other artists, and playing in different venues with his band around Costa Rica. 

Sören Schwert

Front-end Engineer

Worked as requirements engineer and developed a keen eye for detail and perfectionism. As passionate Javascript coder, Nimiq's first Hacker News post was his perfect excuse to dive head-first into blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Sören is an avid follower and active community member and created the first Nimiq blockchain explorer He now applies his problem-solving skills to user-interfaces and helps new developers get started in the Nimiq ecosystem.

Philipp Tschabold

Philipito's Kitchen (during Hackathons)

After years of working as passionate chef and restaurateur in and around Switzerland, Philipp decided to change things up and follow a free-spirited version of his passion. He set out to create and deliver culinary experiences as a service on sail boats touching some of the most beautiful places around the globe. One of his stops introduced him to a very special part of Costa Rica where he found his love, tranquility and a new home. Philipp met one of the Nimiq team members a few years ago and supports the project during Hackathons for minimal workflow disruption on site and providing a balanced & healthy diet for maximum productivity.

Curd Becker

System Virtuoso

Curd is a hardware and network systems security expert at heart. He studied computer science at Saarland University, specializing early on in system administration and moving up to Head of Information Technology at CISPA (Center for Cybersecurity, Privacy and Accountability). At CISPA he managed heterogeneous hardware and software platforms across a mix of 70+ physical and virtual servers. Curd volunteered as "Programming for Engineers" tutor for refugees during the immigration wave that particularly challenged Germany. He has a personal passion for operating systems with a focus on security testing and reverse engineering. Several hardware security projects he worked on are strictly confidential.


Nimiq's team page would not be complete without a special thanks to our alumni.

Richard Patel

Core Developer

Started full time programming at 15, modding games in Java and C++. Loves crypto, data archiving and writing Go. Crawls ~1.4 Petabyte at the OD-Database project in his free time. Maintains the BlockAtlas API serving blockchain data to 100'000+ installs of Binance's Trust Wallet. Nimiq community member that joined the team following completion of two projects backed by the Nimiq Funding initiative.

Atua Mo'e

Video Documentation & Social Media

140K Youtube subscribers. Professional Vlogger, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency apprentice.

Amy Zhang

Communication & Research

BA in Economics from UC Berkeley. Masters candidate in Data Science. Chinese market analyst. Simplicity Evangelist.

Chris Mo'e

Video Documentation & Social Media

105K Youtube subscribers. Professional Vlogger, Hobby Blockchain & Cryptocurrency investor.

Arthur Gervais

Blockchain Security Scientist

Arthur is a Lecturer (equivalent Assistant Professor) at Imperial College London and at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU). He earned his PhD thesis on Blockchain Security and Privacy at ETH Zurich. He has authored several influential peer-reviewed scientific articles published at top-tier security conferences. Arthur is co-founder of the ChainSecurity AG, the first company to provide an automated formal verification tool for Ethereum smart contracts ( The Team is honored to have him look over their shoulders, provide hands-on help and share valuable scientific insights as well as trigger continuous research on topics relevant for the longevity of Nimiq.

Maximilian Harz

Front-end Engineer

As curious and explorative child learned what it meant to 'format' a disk the hard way by formatting the only available disk with games on it. When Internet arrived at his home, young Max started to create websites and soon had his own browser games running. Thought it would be fun to study Computer Science. Did several tutor jobs at SU including on topics cryptography and concurrent programming. Worked as full stack web developer on intranet projects for global enterprises. Max worked with and against some of the ugliest business APIs and always succeeded.

Janosch Gräf

Blockchain Core Developer

Janosch first started programming in BASIC on a Playstation 2. He spent years of late nights learning PHP, Javascript, C, Python, Java and Rust. By the age of 16 he used C to program an Operating System and soon developed several open source projects. Janosch became interested in cryptocurrencies and bought his first Bitcoins in 2012, and to understand the protocol he implemented his own Bitcoin client. More recently, when he first started programming Rust he immediately fell in love with it. Janosch's philosophy is: "If you find a bug, submit a patch!"

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