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Nimiq prides itself with an amazing community from all around the world. Join the discussion and see for yourself.

First community Meetup in Amsterdam
Nimiq accounts > 125k
Community members > 14k
Local community groups 15

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Nimiq’s community is as welcoming as hard working. Together, we build tirelessly to grow the Nimiq ecosystem.

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Events & Meetups

Meet Team Nimiq on blockchain events around the world.

Nimiq Community Apps

Nimiq is open source. Discover projects and apps created by Nimiq’s community and add your own.

  • Telegram logo on gold background
  • Pay NIM logo on orange background
  • Trust wallet logo on blue background
Available categories Games, Wallets, E-commerce...
  • Short NIM logo on blue background
  • Mopsus logo on dark blue background
  • Twini logo on red background
Open source library +30 apps
  • How does it work

    We fund your Nimiq project!

    To support and encourage projects the Community Fund was created. Join the developer community, apply for funding and start a project.


Nimiq is all about transparency. A great way to find answers is asking the community. Try Telegram for general questions and Discord for tech-related inquiries.