Introducing Nimiq Pay

Nimiq Pay

Pay seamlessly in NIM where BTC Lightning*, Naka, CryptoPayment Link and many more are accepted.

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  • Smart integrations
  • Loyalty campaigns
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Pay your way

The Nimiq Pay app is made for one thing only: Super fast and unobstructed NIM payments.

  • Focus on quick payments

    No fuzz. The Nimiq Pay app is solely focused on fast crypto payments.

  • Cash-back rewards

    Built-in support for cash-back systems enables rewards.

  • Partner integrations

    More partners and integrations means more ways to pay, all in one app.

What is the Nimiq pay app?

More specialized than the Nimiq wallet, the Nimiq Pay mobile app is purely focused on real-world payments.

  • What is it about?

    Easy, straight-forward peer-to-peer payments in the real world, from restaurants to law firms.

  • Who is it for?

    For everyone from complete beginners to crypto-
connoisseurs. It’s the easiest way to pay.

One app to pool them all

From direct P2P payments on Nimiq to third party solutions and even seamless BTC Lightning payments.

Better together

Discover a whole ecosystem

What good is a payment app without acceptance points? Nimiq is building an entire world of crypto payments with the help of strong partners and the community.

  • Find places on Crypto Map

    Browse and find places to pay with NIM and many other cryptocurrencies. You'll be surprised by how many there are. Is something missing? Add a place.

  • Check for reward campaigns

    Every city can become a Cryptocity®! Our network offers the right solutions to make your city crypto-friendly.

  • Combine with Nimiq wallet

    Connect your Nimiq Wallet to the Nimiq Pay app to benefit from fast, easy, self-custodial crypto payments.

Get it now

Download the app for iOS and Android phones.

  • Get it on Apple Store
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* BTC Lightning: This feature is currently in testing and being released soon.