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Community Funding Board 18th Meeting

Nimiq Shop Directory Backend and Community Awards

09 Jun 2021


2 min

Welcome to another report of the Community Funding Board. The Nimcubator has been increasing its activity and that certainly is notable in the increasing proposals coming from this source. Without further ado, let’s get right to it.

Nimiq Shop Directory Map

This idea has been around for quite a while since it has a lot of potential. A website that displays shops that accept Nimiq as a payment. The discussion in this meeting was mainly technical since there has been a lot of more general talk around it in the Nimcubator already. There are already proponents willing to start working on this, and it became clear that there is a lot to discuss about this project. The result was to create a bounty for the backend of the Shop Directory and start from there. Here are the details of the project:

  • The project scope: This project is specifically about the backend, the database that holds records of the shops and provides an open API for developers who want to use such data. This is what is considered for the bounty now.
  • Frontend: The web app that users interact with. It would retrieve data from the database and display it for the users.
  • The hosting: Makes sense to search technology that is not platform-specific which would force hosting to be in such a platform. The one example we discussed is to avoid using Microsoft and preferring open source.
  • The bounty: We discussed to provide 3000 USD payable in NIM to whoever successfully completes this milestone of the Shop Directory.
  • The details can be found here

Nimiq Community Awards

This week the Awards go to Nimiq_Maniaq, Cappex666 and Taiko28 for their amazing work at getting the word out and educating new users about Nimiq. As a token of our appreciation we want to reward them with 2000 NIM

We also want to reward Mario Fritz for his recent contributions to the Nimiq project with 4000 NIM. It is great to have Coders like Mario in our community, who are always coming up with new projects and are testing the Nimiq apps.

Thanks for joining us in this edition of the Community Funding Board. Remember to check the community funding section of the website for more details on the recent bounty and other details of the Community Funding Board. Until the next one.

Pura Vida

Community Funding Board


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