Introducing Nimiq Pay Version 2 is ready to launch!

We are fine-tuning the last details before launching the next version of What's planned for the next release? Let's have a look...

08 Jun 2022

by Team Nimiq

3 min

Welcome back, Nimiq supporters!

There is some big news coming from behind-the-scenes of Nimiq's new version of Nimiq's core values of simplicity, easy payments for everyone, and reducing entry barriers for new users are still going strong. Nimiq has shifted focus on creating an even more accessible and intuitive app for business owners to receive payments with a new dashboard experience and more powerful tools to maximize the software's potential. You will find a full ChangeLog after has launched, but we will include some highlights here.

"Charge Now" function

The most significant added feature will be the addition of the "Charge Now" function. "Charge Now" enables a simplified, built-in flow for accepting crypto when the seller and buyer are in the same physical location. It works like at a Point of Sale in a retail shop. The process starts with the seller showing a QR payment code on their device to the buyer. The buyer scans the QR code with their crypto wallet app, which can then be used to complete the transaction. shows a success notification in real-time. We've added a fallback option with the payment details in case the QR code on the seller's device can't be scanned properly by the buyer.

Dashboard and Employee UI

The next significant addition to the Nimiq Ecosystem is introducing the dashboard and the access for retail employees. This new feature allows business owners to empower their employees to accept crypto payments on the owner's behalf. Access to this feature starts with the account owner creating a hard-coded subsidiary link that an employee utilizes to access from the Employee User Interface. The Employee UI is minimal and intuitive since it gives the employee only one option: accept crypto payments on the owner's behalf to the pre-configured owner's wallet. This feature will open up a lot of potential sales to any size business and can easily be scalable to fit any circumstances.

Another major highlight of the upcoming version is the addition of over 75 new compatible fiat currencies. This update brings the total number of compatible fiat currencies to 169! Currently, this access is limited to the API version, but web support will be added soon.

We have spent much time listening to our current user base of small business owners and vendors regarding UI feedback. The feedback allowed us to improve payment flows. In this update, the payment request creation and payment flows are improved based on the input of merchants, small businesses, and freelancers that already use Next, this update includes a significant overhaul of the dashboard UI to create a more visually pleasing experience for users. Several other minor features, including sharing payments over social media and miscellaneous updates, have been added. More details will be available in the complete ChangeLog.

Stay tuned and plugged in for the official announcement of the 2.0 update by next week!

Pura Vida
Team Nimiq


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