Introducing Nimiq Pay

Introducing Referrals and Widget Creator to SuperSimpleSwap

We are adding two major features to referral links allowing you to earn rewards when your friends or followers use them to buy/sell crypto with fiat, and a widget creator for developers and website owners to add a customized version of to their website or app and also earn rewards.

21 Sep 2022

by Team Nimiq

4 min is our solution to a big problem in crypto: how to easily get into and out of the crypto world without a centralized entity controlling the assets you are exchanging. It allows you to buy and sell crypto, from fiat, without giving your money or personal information to an entity you don’t necessarily trust. We believe this to be the easiest way to swap crypto and fiat, while staying as close as possible to one of the fundamental cornerstones of crypto: self-custody.

We want to spread the word and let everybody know that exists! And to do that we are now introducing referrals, a way to reward supporters that educate others about the advantages of using a true self-custodial swap service like SuperSimpleSwap. Now you can log in to the Referrals dashboard with your email, create referral links and earn BTC or NIM from every swap that's made using your referral link. Every time someone clicks a referral link you've created and then buys or sells crypto using, you'll receive 0.25% of the amount. But wait…there's more! Our widget creator also lets you customize and integrate it into any app or website.

Try it out at

Below you can find a video tutorial and a walkthrough of these new features. Referrals dashboard

The new dashboard is the entry point for all the features included in this new version. At a glance, it shows you a list with every time your referral link has been used. Every time someone uses one of your links you'll receive a reward and it will be displayed in this list.

To log in you only need to input your email address and you'll receive an email containing a magic link that will take you to the dashboard. The first time you log in you'll also need to input a “partner-id”, in the image below we use satoshi-nakamoto. Next you can add your Nimiq and/or Bitcoin addresses to receive referral rewards, but you can also add this later. Remember you can use the Nimiq Wallet (which supports both coins) and, by clicking the ‘+’ sign, conveniently populate both addresses.

💡The partner-id cannot be deleted or changed so check twice to make sure it is correct.

💡Keep in mind that every time you log into the dashboard you will need to input your email and authenticate with the new magic link sent via email. 

At the top you can also see a summary of the total swaps – and the amount swapped – using your referral links; as well as the total available rewards. We know you might need to add more complex filters for some other reason, so there's also a button to conveniently export all swap data to CSV.

💡Rewards are accounted for in USD. When you request a payout you will receive the USD amount equivalent of “Available Rewards” in the cryptocurrency of your choice: NIM or BTC.

The dashboard also lets you filter the data based on timeframe, currency and link/widget used. This will come in handy for users that have large swap volumes and wish to define which links are working better and under which conditions. 

And finally on the left you can see a menu with the three ways you can earn referrals. Let’s dive deeper into each one.

Referral links

This section is very straightforward. It allows you to create referral links that you can use later to share to your friends or audience. Here you can also download an image file containing the QR code. Remember every link needs a unique name which cannot be repeated. You can create all the links you want and use them in different places in your app or in different publications. 

Keep in mind that links cannot be deleted so check twice to make sure the name of your link is correct.

Widget Creator and API

You would think this area of the app would be complicated – but we've managed to make it super simple. You basically create a widget by clicking “Add New”, give it a name, and customize the colors. By customizing it you can embed in your app or website while staying on brand. The last step is to simply copy the HTML code and move it to your site or application.

If you're interested in further customization, want to request an API token or have any questions at all, please reach out to us by creating a new ticket here

We believe solves a real pain point in crypto in a way that is both elegant and self-custodial. With the addition of referrals and widgets we hope that it'll become widespread across the crypto space, and allow not only the tech-savvy but also new-coiners to get into crypto in the true crypto way. 

So: do you like it? Do you want other coins to be supported? Make sure to share your feedback in our Twitter account.

Happy Swapping and Pura Vida!

Team Nimiq 


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