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Nimiq and Kindhumans

Blockchain tech for charity campaign transparency

29 Jul 2019


3 min

Introducing Kindhumans

Kindhumans celebrates the good in humanity by creating a community around kindness, promoting conscious consumption, and always giving back. Co-founded by Suzi and Justin Wilkenfeld and a team of former GoPro, Live Nation/Feld Entertainment, and Reef alumni, Kindhumans is building a trusted platform and destination for the community of conscious consumers and causes promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for the planet. The organization’s goal is to promote kindness through the celebration of people, organizations, and brands that are helping shape a better future through better products, enriching content, education, events, and grassroots community building. Kindhumans will leverage partnerships through collaborations with various causes, athletes, experts, and influencers to create the greatest impact possible by always giving back and looking forward to a better, more positive and more sustainable future.

“Kindness. Pass it on.” Campaign

The “Kindness. Pass it on.” campaign is an online giveback program that aims to spread kindness and raise an initial goal of $1M for good causes. In hopes of growing the campaign and kindness movement, Kindhumans call-to-action, or “Kindness Challenge,” encourages participants to take three kind actions that result in a kinder world and have a measurable, positive impact. The campaign steps are:

  1. Pay it forward by recognizing the kind humans in your life by sending them a message of thanks or kindness along with a Kindhumans sticker pack the company calls a “badge” of kindness;
  2. Give back to a cause with a direct and measurable impact through every purchase made. Current partnerships with accredited charitable organizations include: Leave No Trace (educating kids about the environment), National Forest Foundation (promoting the health of National Forests), and 501CTHREE (providing clean drinking water to residents of Flint, MI);
  3. Pass it on by nominating three friends to take the challenge and grow the kindness movement!

The process is fun, family-friendly and helps strengthen the positive bond in our global community by connecting people through simple, thoughtful acts of kindness.

Cryptography and transparency

Being kind, collecting donations and pursuing a greater purpose is all about trust — and trust is fostered by transparency and traceability. Nimiq can help. Transactions stored on the blockchain are basically immutable, but moreover, each transaction can also carry additional information that is immutable as well. This fundamental feature of an open and decentralized blockchain will help Kindhumans to achieve cryptography-based transparency. Information can not be altered or deleted going forward, thus allowing creation of an immutable reference.

Cryptography, created to encrypt data is now part of fostering transparency. How beautiful is that?

Kindhumans will record the hash of published reports on the Nimiq Blockchain and provide a link on their transparency page so that the public can verify the genuine, untampered nature of each report.

Kindhumans and Nimiq want to give back

In wanting to “give back”, Kindhumans’ and Nimiq’s spirits are well aligned. Since its conception, Nimiq has been built with the mindset of helping others through the creation of a better kind of money. As part of this effort, Nimiq supported a proposal on bringing cryptocurrencies for day-to-day transactions to communities disconnected from the global banking system, giving them the ability to transact with the world without needing to rely on a middleman. You can read more on the crypto adoption proposal or visit

To further manifest the spirit of “giving back”, Nimiq has immutably committed 2% of the total coin supply to supporting good cause initiatives with high social or ecological impact.

Together, with purpose

Kindhumans is aiming to build a marketplace for ethical products guided by the principle of delivering a more responsible, mindful, and holistic consumer platform. These plans offer scope for joint growth, as Nimiq is committed to providing the best non-custodial crypto payment experience and will prioritize projects with a greater purpose. This would equip Kindhumans’ mindful platform with the means of accepting the most modern form of payment.

Nimiq is excited to support Kindhumans on various levels and looks forward to making a positive impact wherever we can.


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