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Nimiq Community Elections Have Ended. What Are The Results?

The Nimiq Community Elections are now closed. Find out who won, how many people participated and what happens next. 

28 Jul 2022

by Team Nimiq

3 min

The Nimiq Community Elections have now ended. We'd like to thank everybody who participated and thereby helped to shape the future of the Nimiq Ecosystem, by casting their vote and rooting for their favorite candidates. We hope you enjoyed the process – and we welcome any and all feedback on how we might improve these elections in the future. Please share any feedback you have in this section of the Nimiq Forum.

We also want to thank all the candidates for their goodwill and their passion for the Nimiq project. It's thanks to members like you that this project stays resolutely community-driven, with more activity and more members each day. You guys rock!

So who won!?

After being open for 9 days, we now have the results. In total, 131 community members participated, voting with 38 Million NIM! We know everybody is eager to find out who'll be representing the community over the next 6 months. So without further ado, here are the results:

Since every vote was signed with a Nimiq transaction, results are recorded immutably in the Nimiq Blockchain. A snapshot was taken at the end of the election. Ranked choices of votes were counted according to a normalized geometric progression. That means the 1st choice of every vote got 1 point per NIM, the 2nd ½ point, 3rd ¼ point per NIM and so on. You can see the results for yourself in the Nimiq Voting app

What will happen next?

The next step is a quick introduction to the new members of the community funding board. We've also selected the team members who'll integrate the funding board together with the winners of the Community Elections. This time the team representatives are Claudio, Micha, and Richy.

After everybody is up to speed on how the workflow and inner protocol function, we'll host the first funding board's official meeting of this new term. In this first meeting, the old funding board members will join, with the new members acting as spectators. That way the new members can see first hand how the funding board meetings work, inspired by our seasoned board members' experience.

And finally, the next step will be the usual funding board meeting report that will show the results of this first meeting. We are looking forward to this meeting and seeing what the new candidates bring to the table.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the members of our previous board. It was an unusually long term for the community board, filled with unanticipated challenges. It was amazing to have such proactive and committed board members to help us navigate this last term. From Micha, Richy and Sven, we would like to say personally that we really appreciate all the time and the thoughtful discussions we had together. We'll miss our meetings, but we know you guys will stay around in the community, and hope to catch up in the near future. Thank you Timo, Wekkel, Maestro and Albermonte, we could not have done this without you guys!

We would like to finish by thanking again the entire Nimiq community for supporting this project, and thank you in advance for helping us give it a unified direction. The Nimiq community is one of the most important things about this project that goes to make it unique and very special.

Pura Vida!
Team Nimiq


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