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Nimiq Community Funding 14th Meeting

Nimiq Awards, Nimiq Community Infrastructure and Hackathon

03 Jul 2020


5 min

Every month the Community Funding Board holds a meeting and discusses ways to increase and facilitate engagement and development of the Nimiq Community. The June meeting was held recently and here are the details.

Nimiq Community Infrastructure

Since the conception of the Community Funding Board, a recurrent request has been made: Hosting Infrastructure. Given that during this term two of the community representatives are experienced system administrators, this topic has been discussed in the previous meeting and a task force was created. 

The task force includes system administrators from Team Nimiq and the Nimiq Community. From Team Nimiq, Jeff, Curd and Richy will be supporting this effort. From the community side Maestro, Vasconcelos, Redmaner and Steffan took a step forward to help. 

During this meeting Maestro and Vasconcelos shared an update of the work being done so far. A first meeting of the Nimiq Web Services Task Force was already held and this were the topics discussed:

Regular Meetings & Communication: The task force created communication channels to keep synced. A regular meetings are scheduled and the members agreed that it makes sense to hold ad-hoc meetings for urgent matters.

Hosting Provider: After some research, the task force decided to consider as one of the potential providers. Members of the task force will research and test services so a decision can be made in the following weeks.

Initial Research: The forum will be used to start collect ideas and list resources currently used by community projects. This way the Nimiq Community Infrastructure Task Force can gather an initial set of projects for a testing phase.

Guidelines: The initial testing phase will help to define specific guidelines. For now the task force has discussed two main concerns:

  • Start with trial period: A trial period will support early projects, which could jumpstart cool new projects that might have never happened otherwise.
  • If a project gets too big, or gets commercial it needs to host its own infrastructure. An option might be added in the future to pay with Nimiq to use the infrastructure.

We would like to actively request all interested community devs to share their active projects and ideas in order for the task force to collect relevant data and move forward. Please do so in the Project Ideas section of the forum.

Nimiq Community Member Awards

As every month, the community representatives give awards to the most active and helpful users. This month’s awards go to:


With so many people trying out Nimtris it comes to no surprise that the Community Board wants to support the effort. Last month the developer behind Nimtris was rewarded already for his work and this month the board agreed to donate 25’000 NIM to Nimtris' account directly. This way we ensure the app has enough funds for the community to keep using it and to bring new users into the Nimiq Ecosystem.

Francis, Sandman and Rob for Community Support

Community Board noticed that this month three users have been helping new users and also spread the word of Nimiq with nice informative posts. We appreciate and want to encourage this behaviour so 10’000 NIM have been rewarded to each of them.

Harley and Paul for Miqslist

This cool new app developed by Paul (Nimiq Video Game store) and Harley (Nim4) is aiming at helping users to find places where they can use Nimiq. They also have been making quite some noise in their Twitter account, which we love and want to support. Of course, this amazing contribution to the community had to be rewarded and the board agreed to give both Paul and Harley 25’000 NIM each for their impressive effort. Keep it going guys! 

Nimiq Community Hackathon

This last month the developer community eagerly welcomed the Albatross Testnet. However, proposals are still to be received and the Community Board discussed ways to engage developers. This is how the idea of a first community hackathon was born. 

The format discussed so far is the following:

  • A weekend hackathon will be scheduled for developers.
  • Groups of up to three developers can collaborate.
  • The Community Funding Board will sponsor the hackathon prizes together with the Nimiq Foundation.
  • The hackathon is expected to start on a Friday at midnight UTC and finish three days later on Sunday at midnight UTC.
  • The board will collect feedback both from the community and from developers of Team Nimiq during the following week and then, based on it, decide on the winners.
  • The community can propose ideas of projects for which prototypes can be built within a weekend by up to three people. The project can of course be improved over time but an MVP has to be delivered by the end of the hackathon.
  • Community members are encouraged to share ideas using this templatein the Project Ideas section of the forum.

We want the entire community to be able to participate in the hackathon whether they are developers or not. Designers, communication managers and project managers are welcome. You can suggest ideas and/or post your skills in the specific post for the hackathon. We hope to have specific ideas for projects and more concrete plans for the hackathon ready for next month, so stay tuned!

Thank you for your support. Things are picking up speed and it is our desire as Community Board to do everything in our hands to support the thriving Nimiq Community.

Until next month,

Nimiq Community Board


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