Nimiq Pay app now supports BTC Lightning!

Nimiq enters into partnership with Salamantex

Nimiq (NIM) is now available on all SALAMANTEX-enabled payment devices and in e-commerce!

23 Sep 2021


3 min

With the recent update to the SALAMANTEX interface, NIM (Nimiq) is now accepted as payment currency at all connected merchants. This makes NIM part of an exclusive group of cryptocurrencies which can be used to pay for goods and services on payment terminals and in e-commerce.

NIM (Nimiq) is the latest addition to the SALAMANTEX portfolio of digital assets with which consumers can pay at selected merchants for goods and services. The portfolio already includes Bitcoin, Ether, Dash, Litecoin, Stellar, and Ripple. Austrian Fintech SALAMANTEX offers software which enables business owners and e-commerce to accept digital and cryptocurrencies as means of payment and choose whether to receive the purchase price in conventional fiat currencies or directly in a cryptocurrency of their choice.

"This integration is a huge step forward for Nimiq, as we're transitioning from vision to real-world crypto payments. We are realizing our mission to build the ideal payment cryptocurrency in an increasingly digital payment world”, says Nimiq ambassador Max Burger. “With the scheduled SALAMANTEX expansion into the Eurozone from its home base in Austria, we aim for NIM to become available as payment currency for an even wider customer base in the close future.”

SALAMANTEX combines smart, trusted and secure software solutions into one crypto payment experience. The system seamlessly integrates into the existing payment infrastructure, allowing for a fast and smooth roll-out into the network of connected merchants - online and offline across the entire Eurozone. Through the cooperation with the Concardis Nets Group alone, more than 116.000 clients across the DACH region can be served. What is more, through the collaboration with Ingenico, a global leader in payment solutions with over 30 million installed payment devices, SALAMANTEX aims at making crypto payments accessible for a wide audience - a first step towards mass adoption.

“We are excited to welcome Nimiq to our ecosystem, serving two key purposes at once. Building the infrastructure for blockchains like NIM and their community to utilize the full potential of the digital financial future is at the core of what we do at SALAMANTEX. At the same time, we enable retailers and acquirers to join that future, building the payment landscape of tomorrow. Accepting cryptocurrencies as means of payment for goods and services is where these two industries overlap, and SALAMANTEX proudly facilitates this connection”, states SALAMANTEX CEO René Pomassl.

From today on, consumers are able to natively pay with NIM on all Salamantex-enabled POS terminals and in e-commerce stores. On the merchant side, this upgrade doesn’t require any effort as the new currency option is automatically integrated into the already installed software. This development shows the future orientation of the SALAMANTEX solution. Merchants commit to the installation once and then benefit from all future expansion of the software, truly allowing the future-proofing of their business as payment pioneers.

For customers, paying with cryptocurrencies via SALAMANTEX is ‘just as simple as with a credit card’: the customer selects the desired cryptocurrency, such as NIM, on the payment device, the exchange rate is displayed and guaranteed for the duration of the payment process. As a last step, the customer scans the now displayed QR-code with any smartphone wallet and the device confirms the successful transaction and provides a receipt. The merchant receives the value of the goods at the time of the transaction and has no risk with regard to possible exchange rate fluctuations. He can choose whether to receive the purchase price in Euro or the corresponding amount in the cryptocurrency. The intuitive end-to-end solution can be integrated into existing payment systems, whether online in the webshop or at the point of sale, on a POS terminal, smartphone or computer.

Both projects will present at this year’s Blockchance Conference, one of Europe’s leading blockchain events, taking place in Hamburg (Germany) on December 2-4, 2021. Together, SALAMANTEX and Nimiq will showcase the potential behind their partnership and demonstrate real-life cryptocurrency payments.


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