Introducing Nimiq Pay

Nimiq Gift Cards

A collaboration with Bidali

12 Jul 2019


3 min

Nimiq is excited to announce a collaboration with the Canadian crypto payment processor Bidali. As an immediate outcome, this collaboration allows Nimiq users to buy items and services from known brands such as Starbucks, Uber, Amazon, and even Bubba Gump Shrimp Co using gift cards from Bidali’s website or

How does it work?

“Nimiq is so easy to use, but so far the Nimiq Shop has been the only place I can actually buy something.”

Use your NIM everywhere! The Bidali gift card service opens the door for Nimiq users to buy from over 150 merchants in 4 countries: USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. From a cup of coffee to the latest album of your favorite band, your NIM now holds the potential of buying almost anything you want! This marks the first step into the tangible world and opens a wide range of new options on how to use your NIM.

Bidali’s gift card service requires a minimum of $50 when buying with NIM. Users should expect a confirmation email in approximately 30 minutes as Bidali is using Changelly in the backend which can take up to 30 minutes to confirm transactions.

What about the Nimiq Shop?

Aside from NIM being accepted on Bidali’s website, Team Nimiq began a technical collaboration with Bidali. Thanks to this partnership, Bidali has provided access to their SDK which allows for any website to use their backend to buy gift cards.

The Nimiq Shop is and always will be the best place to buy your Nimiq Swag. It is also the place where we showcase the most recent version of the Nimiq WooCommerce plugin and the Nimiq Checkout, allowing you to conveniently pay in NIM directly from your browser enjoying the Nimiq Checkout experience. Considering that the Nimiq Shop also double-functions as demo site in itself, Team Nimiq built a new “Nimified” site for Bidali:

Thanks to Nimiq being native to the web and Bidali’s JavaScript-based framework, it was possible to integrate Nimiq and Bidali quickly and seamlessly with a few efficient lines of code. This integration is a testament of how fast, easy and convenient it is to create web apps using Nimiq. was built as side-project by frontend developer Sören, you can find the code on GitHub.

Just the beginning

With a new website on the way, Bidali’s collaboration couldn’t have reached Nimiq at a better time. For the long-term, we’re analyzing possible benefits Bidali could get from the non-custodial crypto-fiat bridge Nimiq OASIS, and, for Nimiq, potential benefits from Bidali’s financial backend and distribution channels.

We want to thank Bidali for their amazing and quick support and welcome them into the Nimiq Ecosystem, the Nimiq Family.

Pura Vida

Team Nimiq


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