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Nimiq Incubator

Powering up the Nimiq Community Funding Board

20 Jan 2021


3 min

The Nimiq Incubator is a new effort that aims to connect developers with community members that bring interesting skills to the table like providing ideas, managing projects, designing, marketing and more.

The Community Funding Board was initiated as a way for community members to get the necessary resources to kickstart their project and encourage the creation of projects building on top of Nimiq Technology. Recently we have noticed a missing ingredient, given that the board itself is developer-oriented while projects in general rarely require only developers. The solution we found is to build a new middle layer between the community and the board: the Nimiq Incubator, or the Nimcubator as we like to call it.

The recent board elections are the perfect moment to try out the new Nimcubator. One of the new community board representatives, Diese, has offered to help guide this effort. This will make sure that the Nimcubator is made by the community, for the community.

How does it work?

new channel for brainstorming has been added to Nimiq Discord and Nimiq Telegram. In this channel, every Nimiq supporter can share ideas and discuss potential projects. Diese, Nimiqubator’s manager, will select users who are active and have a particular set of skills that will be valuable for future projects. Users will then be invited to the “ThinkTank” section of the Nimcubator to begin contributing and create proposals with the guidance of Diese and members of Team Nimiq.

How can I participate?

Join the Discord Channel or the Telegram Channel and start brainstorming with other Nimiq community members. You can also contact Diese over Telegram or Discord to share your ideas and/or skills. If you remain active and interested in contributing to the Nimiq Ecosystem, you might be accepted into the Nimcubator to make your project a reality.

Adding for-profit efforts

Even though the Community Funding Board will remain a non-for-profit effort, an Incubator like the one we are proposing has the potential of bringing to life projects which have some business component to them. We are open to hearing ideas and proposals that both strengthen the Nimiq Ecosystem and make some revenue for the founders. Those projects will be analyzed on a case-by-case basis and can be considered as potential projects for the Nimcubator.

What are the benefits?

What do you get by joining the Nimcubator? 

  • You will learn about new projects before the rest of the community.
  • You will be able to test the projects and give ideas to the founders.
  • You can receive guidance and support from other Nimcubator members and Team Nimiq.
  • You help strengthen the Nimiq Ecosystem.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Diese for stepping up to guide this effort and continue building and expanding the most easy-to-use ecosystem for blockchain-powered apps.

Go Nimiq!


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