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Nimiq joins 'Blockchain for Europe' Association

Nimiq joins ranks of the global Blockchain industry in Blockchain for Europe Association

03 Feb 2021


4 min

We are happy to announce that Nimiq has been accepted as a member of the Brussels-based Blockchain for Europe association. Blockchain for Europe represents international blockchain industry players at the EU-level and contributes to the regulatory debate by supporting European decision-makers in their goal to make blockchain technology a success. The association closely collaborates with national and global players – both at legislative as well as industry level – to support the promotion of and education about blockchain technology.

Blockchain for Europe’s main objective is to drive integrity, innovation and empowerment through blockchain, mainly within a European context, but also as a thought leader for other countries and jurisdictions around the world. Being based among the most important institutions of the European Union in Brussels, the association is working with the European Commission, Members of the European Parliament and other political stakeholders across the member states to support them with insights and consulting when it comes to blockchain and distributed ledger technology as well as digital assets based on those technologies.

The association closely monitors all relevant regulatory developments in the blockchain sector and upcoming EU regulations dealing with applications of blockchain technology, such as the Markets in Crypto Assets (,MiCA,), the DLT Pilot Regime and the upcoming Data Act, a set of new rules for a safer and more open digital space across the whole EU. With a strong focus on education and outreach, Blockchain for Europe strives to foster the development of the new digital economy and helps to shape regulatory foundations for a future of Blockchain-based application, such as cross-border payments.

With joining the association, Nimiq aims to underpin the project's effort to become a notable and respected supporter of beneficial European crypto regulations and the blockchain space in general, especially when it comes to cross-border online payments. Besides joining forces for educational and outreach efforts, we are also pleased to join the ranks of a worldwide network of experts, industry influencers and academic partners, represented not only by a strong board and advisory council but — of course — also by the association's fellow members.

A strong focus on education and outreach

With education and guidance being a cornerstone of supporting European regulators on their way into a new digital economy, Blockchain for Europe is offering a wide array of educational content such as workshops, webinars and position papers, and soon also podcasts for both regulatory and non-regulatory audiences. Besides that, the association hosts an annual summit held in the European Parliament, bringing together key stakeholders in the blockchain space from Europe and other key global markets including the U.S., South America, Japan, Hong Kong and India.

Maria Minaricova (Chairman of the Board of Blockchain for Europe)

“Nimiq is a promising blockchain player that specializes in facilitating fast online payments without compromising on data security nor user accessibility. We are delighted to welcome Nimiq and their expertise into our community and are looking forward to working together to extend the outreach and education activities to keep the innovation in Europe at the forefront. The Blockchain space currently offers many interesting developments such as the new EU MiCA regulation proposal promising the creation of an innovation-friendly framework for new technology and we are happy to bring together such a great innovative group of members to grow the blockchain ecosystem.”

Max Burger (Nimiq Ambassador)

"Getting accepted as a member of Blockchain for Europe is a notable milestone for Nimiq as an organization. Passing the conscientious accession procedure of the association shows that Nimiq has evolved into a respected protagonist in the blockchain space, not only when it comes to regulatory compliance, but also with regard to the teams' technological expertise. We are looking forward to a close and successful collaboration with Blockchain for Europe and will do our best to foster a healthy and prosperous ecosystem development in Europe and beyond."

About Nimiq

Nimiq makes blockchain technology universally accessible to enable fast, easy and secure online payments. Built cross-platform for the modern desktop or mobile browsers, anyone can join this peer-to-peer payment network directly, pay and accept payments without having to install software or rely on unnecessary intermediaries. This gives Nimiq it's unique "It just works" characteristic, which is further strengthened by a strong philosophy of simplicity and ease of use. NIM is a simple, secure and censorship resistant cryptocurrency - it's modern money, native to the web and ready to deliver crypto's Netscape moment!

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