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Nimiq NIM is now listed on top tier exchange

Nimiq NIM is now listed on, one of the top five crypto exchanges by trading volume and trust score. With this new listing we aim to bring Nimiq to new users, strengthening the Nimiq ecosystem and paving the way to more future integrations.

04 Nov 2022

by Team Nimiq

2 min

More than ever, we are committed to growing the Nimiq ecosystem with quality collaborations that make it easier for more users to be part of Nimiq. This means increasing the ways in which people can get access to NIM. And it's for this reason too that we are excited to share great news with you: listing of NIM on one of the leading exchanges worldwide:!


Founded in 2013, is one of the most seasoned and well established cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. As recently shared, according to data from CoinGecko has grown into one of the largest crypto exchanges by trading volume. also reports over 10 million registered users across the world, and has been verified by the Blockchain Transparency Institute (BTI). Besides the main exchange, also offers other services such as decentralized finance, research and analytics, venture capital investments, wallet services and more.

Max Burger, Nimiq’s project ambassador: “We are very happy to be able to introduce Nimiq and NIM to’s global community. Collaborating with a top-tier exchange like not only means that we’re continuing our strategy to work with high-quality leaders in the crypto sector, it also means that Nimiq is strengthening its presence within Asian crypto communities. We look forward to working with and welcoming new members to our vibrant social media communities!”

Winter time is building time

If you're reading this you are probably well aware that crypto is currently in what is known as a “Bear Market” or Crypto Winter - which might lead you to question whether this is really the best time for an exchange listing. We think, on the other hand, that it's advantageous timing: why?

A main concern when it comes to evaluating new exchange listings for NIM is the planned upgrade to Nimiq Proof-of-Stake. As many of you know, we have long refrained from pursuing new listings before we had a clear roadmap towards the release of Nimiq Proof-of-Stake Mainnet. But now that we have an almost feature-complete Devnet which will soon evolve into the Testnet, we feel confident enough to talk to new exchange partners who have agreed to support this upgrade when the time comes.

Ready for the next leap!

Everyone who follows our project already knows that we always strive to work with leading partners in the industry. Our new partnership with is another important building block in this strategy and will help Nimiq to forge even more top-class partnerships, while working towards positioning Nimiq among the TOP crypto projects worldwide.

Go Nimiq!


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