Introducing Nimiq Pay

Nimiq Pay App is Live on Android and iOS!

After months of dedicated work and anticipation, we are thrilled to announce that the Nimiq Pay app is officially available on both Android and iOS platforms. This significant milestone marks the transition from idea to reality and brings us one step closer to Nimiq's vision of making cryptocurrency payments as simple and accessible as possible.

16 Apr

by Team Nimiq

3 min

Nimiq Pay doesn't just aim to enable users to send and receive NIM; it lays the foundation for Nimiq to become the most widely accepted crypto payment ecosystem by integrating methods and ideas from conventional payment apps and bringing them to the crypto world; Nimiq Pay is an app designed from the ground up with mass adoption and convenience in mind. It helps to realise Satoshi's vision of self-custodial, peer-to-peer cash without intermediaries.

Download it here: iOS / Android

Empowering Users with Cryptocity Points

At the heart of our launch is the innovative Cryptocity Points system, a feature designed to reward users for adopting crypto while educating them about the cryptocurrency landscape. This initiative is more than just a reward system; it's an educational journey that guides new users through the ins and outs of digital currency, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the technology that powers Nimiq. Nimiq Pay is also a tool to facilitate adoption and marketing campaigns.

A key next step in our journey is to engage with brands, agencies and external parties interested in using the Nimiq Pay & Cryptocity infrastructure to run marketing campaigns. This collaboration aims to further expand our ecosystem and bring more value to users and partners alike.

Integrations with Third-Party Payment Providers

Looking ahead, we're pleased to announce that Nimiq Pay will soon offer integrations with third-party payment providers. This is a key development in our quest to ensure that users of the Nimiq Pay app can make payments in as many places as possible. By combining multiple payment networks under the single Nimiq umbrella, we're simplifying the payment process, making it easier, faster and more seamless for everyone involved. Stay tuned for more updates on this front as we're eager to share the fruits of our labour with you.

A Nod to Our Community: The Pillars of Testing

Our journey to this point would not have been possible without the invaluable input and support of our community. A dedicated period of community testing has been instrumental in refining Nimiq Pay to ensure that it not only meets, but exceeds our users' expectations. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to every member of our community who participated in this phase. Their feedback was the cornerstone of our development process and helped us to fine-tune the application to perfection.

Join the Nimiq Pay Experience

The moment you've all been waiting for has arrived. We invite you to download the Nimiq Pay app and embark on a new journey of cryptocurrency payments. Your feedback is vital to us as we continue to improve Nimiq Pay and make it the best it can be. Share your thoughts, suggestions and experiences with us on our Twitter account or join the conversation in our Telegram and Discord groups. Your input is invaluable as we strive to continuously innovate and improve.

The launch of Nimiq Pay is just the beginning. We are committed to expanding and developing the app to ensure it remains at the forefront of cryptocurrency payments. So download Nimiq Pay today and let's pave the way for a future where crypto payments are as easy and common as using traditional money.

One last thing...

Nimiq Pay will soon support Lightning Bitcoin transactions, allowing users to make faster and more efficient Bitcoin payments. This integration underlines our commitment to increasing the versatility of the Nimiq Pay app, making it even more accessible and convenient for everyone. With the addition of Lightning Bitcoin, Nimiq Pay will significantly improve transaction speeds, reduce costs and increase usability for all users. Follow us on Twitter to stay tuned for this exciting update!

Pura Vida,

Team Nimiq


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