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Nimiq’s New Website

To mass adoption and beyond!

31 Aug 2019


3 min

Team Nimiq is proud to announce the release of the new Nimiq Website!

With the launch of this website, we aim to onboard many new users to the Nimiq Blockchain. Long-time supporters will easily find information like the developer center, an extended and detailed roadmap, and a growing list of community apps.

Visit and let us know what you think in Telegram, Discord, and Twitter.

Nimiq’s visual identity

Last year, Nimiq did a refresh of its brand and started a progressive revamp of the Nimiq apps and components. The onboarding flow was a big priority combined with overall improvements making it easier and more intuitive to use Nimiq. You can find the details in this blog post. With that task completed, users are now able to easily create and manage Nimiq accounts with beautiful interfaces. The website was the next logical step for the revamp.

The “purple” website was super lightweight and focused on providing easy access for the community to Nimiq resources. Although it is probably the most efficient website you can find, especially in terms of loading time and number of clicks needed to get to the desired content, it was focused on users already familiar with Nimiq and therefore lacked information to welcome and onboard new users. This became one of the last pieces remaining for Nimiq’s brand revamp and the overall simplification of the onboarding flow.

A new Website with a new tone

The plan to build a new website began at the end of last year. With the goal of welcoming new users and engaging them into creating a Nimiq account, the onboarding experience became a core feature of the new website. The overall website was designed from the start to align with Nimiq’s new visual identity as well as Nimiq’s clear vision, general user experience, and overall tone.

You might notice how the Community and the Developer Center stand out through the website. Team Nimiq believes the Nimiq Community deserves a prominent spot because of the important role it plays in the project. The community was also part of the brainstorming/design process from the start, giving us feedback about our plans through the Nimiq Forum and Telegram groups, and getting updates in dedicated VLOGs like this one next:

Built for simplicity

Nimiq’s new website is designed with simplicity in mind, resulting in an intuitive, refreshing experience. At the same time, it also makes it easier to find resources that are needed to build Nimiq-based apps.

On the home page, every section links to details and resources on Nimiq. Every page has multiple points of entry and further links to various resources. This creates the engaging effect of users finding information easily, but also enjoying the experience and finding new content by exploring the website itself.

To guide the users through the website, a minimal navigation bar is shown at the top. It invites new users to create an account and provides simple access to the main sections: Apps, Developer and About. The bar disappears when browsing the page to maximize space for its content.

  • Apps: You will find apps not only made by Team Nimiq, but also by the Community. You can also “add your own app” by visiting the Developer Center.
  • Developers: The developer center provides documentation, tutorials, and resources for both experienced devs and new devs just starting to build their own Nimiq-based apps.
  • About: For anyone who wants to learn about Team Nimiq and the Nimiq Community. This is the entry point for users who want to learn more about the non-technical parts of Nimiq, Nimiq’s charity efforts, the roadmap, whilst also giving quick access to blog posts.

With this step, we’re gearing up to making Nimiq available to everyone and advancing forward towards cryptocurrency mass adoption and beyond!

Pura Vida,

Team Nimiq


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