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Team Nimiq joins YouTubers MrBeast and Mark Rober in the #TeamSeas effort to clean oceans, rivers and beaches. For every $1 donated through the Nimiq shop, the Nimiq Foundation will donate an extra $1 to their effort. That means each dollar donated via Nimiq will remove 2 pounds of trash from the ocean.

26 Nov 2021


4 min

Nimiq Joins #TeamSeas Effort To Clean Up Our Oceans

In November 2019, we joined the cause of #TeamTrees and helped planting 20 million trees. Now once again, Nimiq is supporting YouTuber MrBeast in his efforts to make the world a better place. This time, Team Nimiq is joining the initiative to remove 30 million pounds of garbage from the oceans by January 2022. We can only achieve this with your help.

Nimiq #TeamSeas Campaign

  • Participate by donating to #TeamSeas in the Nimiq Shop from now until December 29th.
  • Every $1 donated will be matched by the Nimiq Foundation with an extra $1 donation. Up to $10,000 in donations.
  • Use the Nimiq cards service to give NIM to your loved ones and suggest them to donate to #TeamSeas.

Why This Matters

The oceans and their biodiversity are essential for the planet and all living beings. They produce more than half the air we breathe and regulate the climate by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It doesn't take blockchain developers to understand why this is critical to our survival. Sadly, poor regulations, unplanned development and corporate greed have gotten in the way.

Today, our oceans, rivers and beaches are full of plastic waste. It’s estimated that there are 200M tons of plastic already circulating in marine environments, with an estimated 11M tons entering the ocean every year.1

Pollution from everyday plastic items will last for generations. Unless we do something about it! While it takes ages for plastic to break down, when it does due to sunlight and heat, it releases powerful greenhouse gases back into the atmosphere.2 There is a strong link between plastic and climate change and you can learn more about it here.

What is Nimiq?

Nimiq is a cryptocurrency for humans. We pride ourselves on having the easiest and fastest onboarding into crypto. But we’re also a green blockchain, working hard to reduce the energy being used and supporting good causes through the ImpactX foundation. If you want to support #TeamSeas through Nimiq, you can buy NIM here. Watch this video to get started!

Why We Are Joining

We can no longer look away. Efforts are being taken at a public and private scale never seen before. The impact of plastic and microplastic trash in the ocean - they already cover the seabed - will affect generations to come and, even worse, we have no clear fix at hand. Team Nimiq chooses to be a part of the solution and encourages all individuals and corporations to take action and be inspired by one another to create a better world.

Nimiq was founded with the idea that a blockchain project can make a positive impact by making charity a priority through supporting efforts focused on high social and environmental impact. It’s what we call ‘responsible blockchain development’. Nimiq’s passion for environmental preservation comes from its strong presence in Costa Rica, a place that literally translates to ‘Rich Coast’ and is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. In these remote locations, local community programs try to promote beach clean-up events and teach their community about the importance of marine wildlife and how to coexist in a balanced way. Knowing about the power of change that joint communities can have, Team Nimiq has been inspired by these local efforts and by the global #TeamSeas campaign. 

Use Your NIM To Clean Them Up!

Team Nimiq calls on all Nimiq community members to support this great cause by heading over to the Nimiq shop. For every $1 donated using the Web Shop, Team Nimiq will donate another $1 to the #TeamSeas Challenge to remove two pounds of garbage from the sea. We will keep the promotion open until December 29th, allowing any potential holiday gifts to be used to donate 😉. We will then count the donations in the Web Shop and proceed to donate twice the amount to TeamSeas. The results will be shared publicly on TeamSeas’s website and announced on Nimiq’s Twitter account.

Let’s help save the oceans two pounds at a time.

Pura Vida,

Team Nimiq



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