Nimiq Pay app now supports BTC Lightning!


Nimiq introduces the world’s first fiat-to-crypto atomic swap: With Nimiq’s Open Asset Swap Interaction Scheme (OASIS), users can swap between crypto and conventional money in a self-custodial and decentralized way!

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How does it work?

Nimiq OASIS leverages two established concepts of blockchain-based value transfer: HTLCs and Atomic Swaps.

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OASIS is an open technology
and accessible to everyone!

Nimiq invented OASIS to empower the crypto space. Dive into our resources and create an OASIS implementation of your own.

  • OASIS Integration

    Visit our documentation page to find out how OASIS works or whow to integrate it yourself.

  • Fastspot integration

    Create you own service with the Fastspot API, a buying and selling solution powered by OASIS.

  • OASIS Sandbox

    Play around with the OASIS API or test your integration in a safe sandbox environment.

  • OASIS client libraries

    In a combined effort with our amazing community, we'll soon publish the first client libraries for languages like Javascript, Java or Rust.

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Team Nimiq offers dedicated service and support for strategic partners. Get in contact and be one of the first to leverage a new paradigm in value transfer.