The DeFi crypto-fiat bridge

Nimiq OASIS enables Atomic Swaps between crypto and fiat.

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Available in Europe!

All you need is a SEPA-Instant capable bank account. Buy and sell BTC and NIM directly from and to your bank account. No registration required.

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Work in progress in Central America

Nimiq OASIS is currently being connected to the SINPE network. Users throughout Central America will be able to buy BTC and NIM with USD and CRC.

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Not yet available.

Nimiq OASIS needs trusted financial institutions to act as an escrow party. If you are interested in offering OASIS, reach out.

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Buying and selling was never easier

No personal data needed

No sign-up, no registration, not even your e-mail address. Buy and sell up to 1000€ without sharing your personal data.

Completely non-custodial

Swapping crypto for fiat is secure. You stay in control of your asset until you are sure to receive what you swap it for.


Low fees

With only 1.25%, Nimiq OASIS aims for the cheapest way to buy and sell crypto.

1% of each swap is used to buy and lock NIM.

The next quarterly NIM-lock event is on January 1.

Jan 1

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Currently, Nimiq OASIS is exclusively available in the Nimiq Wallet. Buy and sell BTC and NIM for Euro. SEPA-Instant bank account required.

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OASIS volume and swaps


948 966

Number of swaps

5 482

How it works and who’s behind it.

How does it work? Who’s responsible for the technology? Learn more by visiting our websites.

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Visit our documentation page to find out how OASIS works or how to integrate it yourself.

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Check out NIMIQ, the creators of OASIS and what we have planned in the crypto space.

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