Introducing Nimiq Pay

Kindhumans & Nimiq Checkout

BTC, ETH, and NIM Cryptocurrency Adoption Through Sustainability

15 Nov 2019


4 min

Kindhumans is a marketplace for ethical products guided by the principle of delivering a more responsible, mindful, and holistic consumer platform. This positive, transparent and eco-friendly mindset resonates strongly with Nimiq’s spirit. As announced before, the two projects have been contributing to record the hash of Kindhuman’s published reports on the Nimiq Blockchain so that the public can verify the genuine, untampered nature of each report. We are happy to announce that this collaboration has grown to include the new Nimiq Checkout for Crypto in Kindhuman’s online shop!

The vital role of social awareness

There is no denying that the newer generation gives considerably more importance to eco-awareness, sustainability, and overall human kindness towards each other and our earth. This same generation is also likely to take the lead in crypto adoption in the years to come. 

Sustainability in the cryptocurrency space is probably not an obvious necessity at first glance but will come to play a significant role.

Something all Nimiq Team Members have in common is that fairness and kindness guide their moral compass. This can easily be noticed in the way the project behaves as a whole.

Initial charity allocation: Since the beginning of the project, Team Nimiq has shared its interest in good causes and sustainability, to the extent of allocating 2% of total NIM supply to its charity (ImpactX Foundation). These funds will be aimed at projects of high ecological and social impact and are time-locked in a vesting contract that limits rushed dispensation.

Nimiq 2.0 and switch to Proof-of-Stake (PoS): One of the strong reasons for the transition to PoS with Nimiq 2.0 is the enormous electricity consumption of PoW Blockchains. The decrease in energy consumption by switching to PoS will be dramatic. In addition, Nimiq's novel PoS implementation also breaks technological ground due to its extraordinary transaction throughput approaching the theoretical limit for single chain blockchain protocols, all without compromising on decentralization and censorship resistance. 

Nimiq #TeamTrees Campaign: Running during November 2019, this campaign supports the effort of MrBeast in planting 20 Million Trees. Team Nimiq has added a “Tree Item” to the Nimiq Shop with which you can donate a tree using the NIM equivalent of less than a Dollar. The best part is not only the easy and smooth payment, but also that Nimiq is supporting #TeamTrees by donating an extra tree for each tree donated in the shop.

Bringing cryptocurrency to the masses

To reach mass-adoption of cryptocurrency, crypto payments need to be conveniently available for all audiences, especially the next generation of eco- and crypto-friendly Millennials. Kindhumans is embracing this mindful movement and in extension of our existing partnership, we have worked to integrate a brand new Nimiq Checkout for Crypto in the Kindhumans online shop. This enables Kindhumans to accept cryptocurrency payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and of course, Nimiq. 

Comparing the payment experience with NIM to ETH and BTC, a few differences are noteworthy:

Nimiq has low fees: Scalability of the Nimiq Network keeps the Blockchain decongested. The transactions per second are due to increase from 7 to 1000+ with the transition to Nimiq 2.0.

Nimiq shines in the Checkout: Thanks to Nimiq’s blockchain code being native to the web, the Nimiq Checkout experience for NIM is all in-browser and exceptionally quick, smooth and easy. It just takes a couple of clicks and your Account password to pay for your rewarding Kindhumans products.

Nimiq confirmations are fast: When compared to BTC, Nimiq transactions get confirmed 10x faster. This will further improve with the transition to Nimiq 2.0 where transactions are expected to be confirmed in as little as 2-3 seconds.

A place for the ethical crypto consumer

The number of cryptocurrency wallets is growing exponentially, demonstrating that more people every day are developing a real interest. Kindhumans is providing mindful products to the world through online purchases and has made a conscious choice to support progressive forms of payment such as cryptocurrency.

At Nimiq we are proud and humbled to be working with Kindhumans to now also fulfill the cryptocurrency part of the blockchain equation. We aim to support Kindhumans as marketplace for sustainable products by providing any holders of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Nimiq with an easy to use checkout experience at - try it out now!

Thank you Kindhumans team for choosing us to make this happen!

Pura Vida,

Team Nimiq


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